10 Minute School Raises USD 2 Million Seed Funding

10 Minute School Raises USD 2 Million Seed Funding

10 Minute School, Bangladesh’s largest online-based education platform, has received USD 2 million in seed funding from Sequoia Capital of India, one of the top venture capital firms based in the USA. It is the first time 10 Minute School has received institutional funding instead of being supported by project-based sponsors. Hence, with a tri partnership with the ICT Division and Robi Axiata, they promoted digital education in the country.

Ayman Sadiq and Abdullah Abiyad’s institution 10 Minute School started its educational activities in 2015, and currently, they have achieved 9.3+ million students, 450+ teachers, 18,000+ education content, and 2.9+ million app users. In addition, the organization has been working to make online learning easier for school-college students. Students can learn any subject from first to twelfth grade through chapter-based video lectures through the 10 Minute School app.

Ayman Sadiq, the founder, and CEO of 10 Minute School, has stated that in 2021 there was 12 times more business growth than in 2020. This USD 2 million investment will help expand the 10 Minute School’s products, technology, skilled workforce, and activities. 10 Minute School can expand its activities in the new year with this investment.

In a press release published in Bangladesh’s leading daily newspaper, Ayman Sadiq stated, ‘In the beginning, we invested more than BDT one crore in building the company. Telecom operator Robi is associated with our 2018 initiative. In addition, we would sponsor various projects. Now I have added institutional investors to expand the educational activities further.’
Sequoia Capital’s India chapter invested the money. As a result, 10 Minute School will become affiliated with Sequoia Capital. 10 Minute School’s app recently surpassed three million users, making it the largest learning app in the country.

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