5 Important Business Tools to Run SME and F-commerce

5 Business Tools That Are Important to Run F-commerce and SME

The Internet penetration rate is rising as the accessibility of the internet is increasing in Bangladesh. In this context, the spread of various e-commerce based on Facebook and social media has also increased. Operating such small and medium businesses involves transactions, accounting, marketing and various legal requirements. Due to the relatively low capital and workforce, fulfilling such requirements is often costly and challenging for these organizations. In this article, we will be discussing about 5 such business tools to make the activities of F-commerce and SME effective and efficient.


Tasks such as accounting, business strategy and legal requirements are pretty complex for the operational activity of any business. Due to the limited workforce and capital, such operations are pretty tricky for any F-commerce or SME to maintain. SME Vai is working as a one-stop solution for such businesses. The platform provides legal services such as trade licenses, income tax, and VAT registration. There are also features like SME Vai’s dashboard, which facilitates users from creating invoices, balance sheets, exports reports, checking emails along with real-time financial transactions monitoring such as product purchase, sales, and payment collection. The platform charges from BDT 1000 to BDT 30,000 for various services. There are also a variety of courses on SME Vai’s platform that entrepreneurs can avail of for only BDT 300 to BDT 900.

bKash Business Dashboard

SMEs can ensure a seamless payment experience for their customers and merchants using the bKash Business Dashboard. bKash Merchant Account or Personal Retail Account holders can use this bKash Dashboard to create custom payment links as required; Which can be shared with customers using social media like Messenger or WhatsApp, email, and SMS. Customers can also complete the payment easily and quickly by clicking on the payment link. In addition, merchants can track transaction records on the dashboard, receive monthly reports via email, and create various packages for quick payments. Merchants can create two-page websites and different package payment options using the dashboard. A merchant can quickly sign up for the bKash Business Dashboard by following three simple steps. First, a merchant has to enter the site business.bkash.com with the merchant account number by following three simple steps. After verifying the account number through OTP, the e-mail address needs to be verified in the next step. Merchants are given a bonus of BDT 100 for the first transaction using the payment link as a promotional offer of bKash.

Tally Khata

The Tally Khata app can be handy for keeping financial records of SMEs and making accurate calculations. Anyone can use the app for free without any internet access. The Tally Khata has a ‘Cash box’ feature, which allows users to track all types of cash transactions and easily calculate at the end of the day. In addition, using the ‘Tagada’ message feature, users will notify customers of due payments, which will greatly help in quick payment recovery from customers. By adding SureCash Wallet to the platform, users can easily send money to suppliers and receive payments from customers. The Tally Khata app creates a transaction profile based on users’ daily activities, allowing SMEs and F-Commerce to take Collateral Free Loans.


Eye-catching posts, feature images, and attractive logos are some of the most effective ways to increase visibility in online business. Basically, Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to easily create designs, including business cards, social media posts, logos, animated posters, and banners. However, over a thousand templates are available on this platform, users can customize the template to their liking. Through this business owners can quickly inform the targeted customers about their business motto and services. Also, at Canva, the team can work collaboratively on any particular project simultaneously.


From SME to F-commerce, all types of businesses have to maintain a number of social media accounts. But managing multiple social media accounts and posting at the right time in all of them is often hard to maintain. However, through Hootsuite, it is possible to ensure timely content sharing, scheduling, and incoming messages on several other social media, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp Business. Hootsuite will also be helpful in running campaigns, paid ads, post impact and insights, and trend analysis. In the free version of Hootsuite, two social media accounts can be managed for free, which will be very useful for any F-commerce and SME business activities. The tool also has separate subscription plans for professionals, teams, businesses and enterprises.

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