Accelerating Asia Accepting Entries For Cohort 8 Accelerator Program

Accelerating Asia Accepting Entries For Cohort 8 Accelerator Program

The Accelerating Asia program is preparing to launch its Cohort 8 – a flagship accelerator program, and it is seeking applicants from 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Since this program is not sector or market-specific, startups from any industry or country are encouraged to apply. Accelerating Asia is licensed by the Singaporean government, which runs early-stage venture capital programs for startups in the beginning phases of their development.

In 2021, Accelerating Asia launched Fund II, and Cohort 8 is the fourth batch of investment for Fund II, which will deploy capital across Southeast and South Asia pre-Series A companies. Startups admitted to Cohort 8 will begin the hybrid program in Q1 2023. Various activities are included in this program, such as master classes, VC pitch nights, and regular meetings with entrepreneurs. The purpose of these activities is to enhance the knowledge, network, and funding for the participating teams. Startups in this accelerator program typically increase their monthly revenue by greater than 300% during the course of the 100-day program. Upon completion, Accelerating Asia will invest up to $250,000 in funding.

For startups, this 100-day training program has proven to be extremely beneficial. To date, 60 startups have graduated from the program and have raised a total of over $50 million, representing a portfolio value of over $500 million.

To qualify for admission to the accelerator program and receive an investment of up to $250,000, startups must demonstrate the viability and potential growth of their business. Through the recent market downturn, Accelerating Asia’s portfolio success has been achieved by focusing on solid business fundamentals and investing in companies that provide high value to their customers, which results in robust financial models. Despite the market conditions, these companies are poised to prosper in the long run. Additionally, the selected startups will have a chance to join a portfolio of 60 startups that have raised over $55 million to date. 

Craig Bristol Dixon, co-founder, and general partner, elaborated on this idea, saying, “When any new technology emerges, there’s always hype. We want founders who have cut through the noise, translating cutting-edge technology into practical solutions that provide real-world value today. The startups who meet this mark will always be at the top of our list. We want to see execution as much as innovation.”

Accelerating Asia is one of the most competitive accelerator programs in the world. In Cohort 7, almost 700 startups applied, and 10 were accepted, representing a 1.5% acceptance rate. During that program, startups that received funding included Cocotel, Hishabee, K-link,, Safe Truck, Shoplinks, Easy Rice, HealthPro, BizB, and Ulisse.

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