ADP Implementation Rebounded: Govt Set to Approve 2.46 Trillion BDT for FY ’23

ADP Implementation Rebounded

The Bangladesh government has revised the annual development program (ADP) for the fiscal year 2022-23 with the aim of facilitating a quick recovery of the economy from COVID-19. The initial ADP allocation of 2,25,000 Crore BDT in the current fiscal year would be increased by 21,000 Crore BDT to 2,46,000 Crore BDT. The PC proposes to allocate 1,53,000 Crore BDT from the government’s internal resources and 93,000 Crore BDT from external resources as project assistance (PA). The annual Development Programme (ADP) is a list of projects in various sectors which is organized and allocated for a year out of a five-year period for implementing the government’s development policies, programs, and investments. 

According to the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) of the planning ministry data, development expenditures increased to 92.79% in the previous fiscal, which ended on June 30. The government spent 2,03,765 crore BDT of the 2,19,602 crore BDT that was allocated for the ADP. Before the pandemic, in FY19, the spending has gone beyond the 95.83%, recording 1,11,165 crore BDT.

From the revised allocation of that year, the industry ministry spent 112.23%, followed by the Energy and Mineral Resources Division with 103.25% and the Power Division with 101.9%.

Health Services spent just 79.15 % of its budget despite being a priority sector, and Secondary and Higher Education spent 70.59 % of their allocation.

In FY22, the government spent 1,26,671 crore BDT from its coffer, which is 92.79% of the allocation. A total of 58,287 crore BDT was allocated by the government, considering the importance of these 10 projects, of the 1,349 being developed across the country. According to the Planning Commission (PC), the new ADP will be approved by the National Economic Council (NEC) at a meeting of the Planning Commission (PC), which will be chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 

In the revised ADP, Transport and communications would be allotted the highest amount, 69,869 Crore BDT. Followed by, the power and energy sector will be allotted 39,412 Crore BDT, and the education sector is about to get 29,100 Crore BDT.

Housing and community facilities received the fourth highest allocation of 24,697 Crore BDT, while the health sector received the fifth highest allocation of 19,000 Crore BDT.

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