Airtel & Lifespring Collaborates on Mental Health Issues


Airtel, one of the major telecom companies in Bangladesh, is collaborating with LifeSpring to address and raise awareness on mental health issues under a campaign titled ‘Let’s Talk’. LifeSpring, which is a renowned mental health institute of the country, is working to improve mental health as part of improving peoples’ overall wellness and will provide specialist opinion in the campaign.

As a part of this campaign, Airtel and Lifespring are airing three online live sessions where mental health specialists will discuss different topics and aspects of mental health and ways to improve it.

The first session was held on 4 October (Monday). The second session will be held on 9 October (Saturday) at 7 pm, while the third session will be held on 14 October (Thursday) at 7 pm. The sessions will be aired live on the @AirtelBuzz Facebook page.

The second session, to be held on Monday, is titled “Mental health in the era of Covid-19”. The session will be conducted by Psychiatrist Dr. Sayedul Ashraf.

The third session is titled “How to support someone who is displaying mental health issues”. This session will be conducted by Psychologist Dr. Yahia Amin.

Airtel is a brand that speaks about friendship, youth, and everything trendy. They are also vocal about mental health issues. Last year their mental health campaign video gained 5 million plus views on online platforms.

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