Atlantis Decora: A Pathway To Bring Amazon Products To Bangladesh

The Journey and Operation of Atlantis Decora

Even a decade ago, people in Bangladesh used to go to designated markets to buy anything. Back then, the heart of shopping in Bangladesh was the New Market, Chandni chowk, Gausia market, and Rajdhani Supermarket, as well as elite shopping malls like Bashundhara shopping mall, Rapa plaza, etc. Although many people still travel to these shopping centers, nowadays, many do their shopping on e-commerce platforms for convenience.

Since the last decade, many e-commerce sites have been rising in the country as domestic sellers realize the benefits of having an online presence and are keen to sell their products both offline and online. As time passes, people are now more interested in buying products from foreign e-commerce giants like Alibaba and Amazon than domestic online stores. But due to payment processing issues, many people face various problems purchasing products from foreign e-commerce sites. Atlantis Decora is working to overcome this situation. It allows Bangladeshis to purchase products from Amazon USA within 24 hours in several sectors, including clothing, electronics, and groceries.


When the trading system around the world ceased to function during the Corona Pandemic of 2020, only online e-commerce sites were operational. As a result of the lockdown, people were unable to go out and shop, so e-commerce sites were the main source of essential supplies for those who were confined to their homes. At that time, Mr. Nurul Amin was an Amazon product seller. He saw that the people of the country had a demand for the products sold on foreign e-commerce sites, but there was no easy system for selling these products in the country. At that time, there were some Facebook groups for buying products from Amazon. However, due to the port being closed, it was not possible to carry out import activities for those groups. As a result, Mr. Nurul Amin established a B2C platform called Atlantis Decora where products from domestic vendors, as well as e-commerce giant Amazon, are available so that people can buy those products easily and at the right price.



Atlantis Decora currently offers a wide range of products from books to cosmetics, fashion and clothing, organic health, electronics, groceries, bags, jewelry, kids, household, sports, and outdoor activities. They offer over 1000 products in different categories, and most of them are from internationally renowned brands. Among them, shoes from popular brands like Nike and Adidas, cosmetics and perfumes from Nars, Ariana Grande, and Dolce Gabbana, sunglasses from Ray Ban, Armani, Prada, and watches from Tag Heuer and Rolex are notable. Also, the electronics section has smartphones and accessories from well-known brands like Apple, Xiaomi, TP-Link, Asus, etc. As well as these international products, the website also offers items from local vendors, including Indian ornaments, Tangail clothes, cooking utensils, and so on.

Atlantis Decora basically gets various products from Amazon in the above-mentioned categories and resells them through the website. However, based on customer requirements, they also have the facility to deliver products from Amazon and Alibaba. In that case, if a customer gives the link of a product on Amazon or Alibaba to the support team of Atlantis Decora, the product management team arranges direct shipment of that product to Bangladesh. 

Order & Delivery

Currently, Atlantis Decora takes orders through its website and android application. In terms of products, Atlantis Decora offers an extensive selection. These products can be delivered to customers within 24 hours to 3 days of placing an order. In addition, if a customer wants to return the product after purchasing it, they can follow the website’s return policies. Also, the website offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if there is any problem with the product after delivery.

For delivery, Atlantis Decora primarily uses its own delivery service. Also, they rely on third-party delivery systems for special needs. After purchasing the product from the website, customers can complete the payment procedure through bKash and Cash on Delivery in addition to PayPal.

Customer Service

Atlantis Decora’s journey started keeping in mind the interest and demand of customers for foreign products. So this e-commerce site gives special importance to customer service. Since the platform was only launched very recently, its customer base is relatively small but is growing steadily. Currently, there are more than 1000 user profiles registered on the website. Atlantis Decora is also offering various exciting offers to attract more customers to the platform. Apart from foreign products, Atlantis Decora has also placed products from domestic vendors on its website as they are willing to work with local vendors to take them into a stronger position in the e-commerce industry. This will ultimately benefit both the customer and the seller equally.

Future Goals

Currently, the Bangladeshi e-commerce market is quite unstable. Almost all e-commerce platforms have been involved in some or other problems, including delayed delivery, money fraud, and wrong product deliveries. As a result, the people of Bangladesh are losing confidence in e-commerce sites. Intending to restore customer confidence in e-commerce, Atlantis Decora works to overcome this situation by selling original products from various brands, delivering products in the shortest possible time, and offering a return and refund policy. Apart from Amazon, Alibaba, and local vendors, if customers want to purchase products from any other US market, Atlantis Decora can do the job without any advance payment. These initiatives by Atlantis Decora are expected to signal the return of the good days of the domestic e-commerce market. 

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