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What Happened to Teletalk? Teletalk’s Growth Continues to Decline

Teletalk is the only state-owned mobile phone operator in Bangladesh. The company started its commercial operation on 31 March 2005. As a ...


The Bangladesh Bank Cyber Heist: One of The Largest Bank Robbery in the History

You may be used to seeing stories like robbing money from the vault in movies or TV Series like The ...

Royal-Enfield-history and journey
History & Rise, Report

History and Journey of Royal Enfield: One of World’s Oldest Motorcycle Brand

Royal Enfield, the world’s oldest and most traditional motorcycle brand, is still producing motorcycles. In addition to the classic motorcycles, ...

Otobi- In Crisis of Existence
Report, Rise & Fall

Otobi- In Crisis of Existence

Even a decade ago, the furniture industry was dominated by the well-known sculptor Nitun Kund. For 30 years, he tirelessly ...

Why uber eats left bangladesh
Report, Why Failed

Why Uber Eats Left Bangladesh?

UberEats, a subsidiary of Uber, one of the world’s most popular ride-sharing services. The popular food aggregator platform started their ...

why citycell failed
Report, Why Failed

Why Citycell Failed: From Pioneer to Failure

Citycell was the first and oldest mobile operator in Bangladesh. It was the only mobile operator to use CDMA and ...

rise of grameenphone
History & Rise, Report

Rise of Grameenphone: The Giant of Bangladesh Telecommunication Industry

Like their tagline, GrameenPhone quite literally has come a long way ahead of everyone else. According to the BTRC report ...