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Popular Investment Options in Bangladesh for Investors
Skill Development

Investment Options in Bangladesh: Risk, Return & Liquidity Assessment

The investment trend in Generation Z has increased a lot globally. Stock and Cryptocurrency trading platforms, like Robinhood and eToro, ...

History & Rise, Industries, Startup Stories

EdTech Industry Overview: Bangladeshi EdTech Startups

In 2019, the market size of Global Education Technology was around 75 billion dollars which will exceed 318 billion dollars ...

Healthtech Industry of Bangladesh
Industries, Report, Startup Stories

Health Tech Industry of Bangladesh: Digital Healthcare Startups

The pandemic has thrust the global healthcare ecosystem to an unprecedented level. Also, it has underscored the necessity of a ...

Cloud-Kitchen business in Bangladesh
Industries, Report, Startup Stories

Cloud Kitchens in Bangladesh: Future of Cloud Kitchen Business

Online food ordering and delivery service is one of the most popular services in the world. The service is becoming ...

History & Rise, Report

Why Tech Giants Are Investing in Jio? Jio Recent Investments

The plight of small and medium-sized businesses is due to the pandemic, where owners of large companies providing consumption-based products, ...

ACI bangladesh

How Big is ACI: One of the Largest Conglomerates in Bangladesh

Advanced Chemical Industries Ltd. Or ACI Ltd. (ACI Limited) is one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh. ACI sells a ...

The Stunning Rise and Fall of Keya Cosmetics
Report, Rise & Fall

The Stunning Rise and Fall of Keya Cosmetics

In the ’90s, as one of the main means of product promotion, companies used to advertise very attractive adverts on ...

Rise of Evaly
History & Rise, Report

Rise of Evaly: Evaly Business Model and How Evaly Makes Profit

Evaly, one of the most hyped e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh. In a report published by Shared Today on the share ...

why gsk left bangladesh
Report, Why Failed

Why GSK Left Bangladesh? Reasons Behind the Shutdown

GlaxoSmithKline, otherwise known as GSK, had officially closed their business in Bangladesh by the end of 2018. Thus is the ...

Bangladesh Food-Delivery-Industry
Industries, Report, Startup Stories

Food Delivery Industry of Bangladesh Making Strides Through Influx of Foreign Capital

In today’s “Doorstep Economy”, almost everything we need is just a few clicks away. It is possible to bring almost ...

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