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Rise of Brand New Car Sales in Bangladesh

Rise of Brand New Car Sales in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has experienced an increase in its use of private cars over the last two decades due to the socio-economic ...

What Happened to SureCash

What Happened to SureCash? SureCash Closing It’s Operation?

SureCash is a widely used MFS for disbursing government allowances, stipends, and other government transactions. Like Bikash, Nagad, or Upay, ...

Freelancing 101 Why is Skill Development Important for Freelancing
Skill Development

Why Bangladeshi Freelances Should Focus on Skill Development?

In Bangladesh, the number of freelancers is constantly increasing due to time flexibility and work freedom. The number of workforces ...

What Happened to Taxi Service in Bangladesh

What Happened to Taxi Service in Bangladesh?

Taxi service is the most used and popular mode of transportation in any city of the world. Although the worldwide ...

Rise of Video Streaming Platforms in Bangladesh
Industries, Report

The Rise and Future of Video Streaming Platforms in Bangladesh

Over-the-top (OTT) or video streaming platforms around the world have grown significantly over the years. According to statista, in 2021, ...

History & Rise, Report, Startups

History & Rise of 10 Minute School: Largest Online Classroom of Bangladesh

10 Minute School is one of the leading e-learning or educational technology (edtech) platforms in Bangladesh. Since its inception the ...

Others, Report

Economic Growth of Bangladesh: Key Driving Factors Behind the Rapid Growth

For several years Bangladesh’s economic development has been gaining great appreciation from the world media. In the fiscal year 2020-21, ...

History and rise of Walton
History & Rise, Report

History and Rise of Walton: Bangladesh’s Leading Electronics and Tech Giant

Walton, the most renowned electronics manufacturer brand in Bangladesh, with products like Fridge, Television, AC Fan, Light Automatic Stove to ...

The Role of MFS in the Distribution of Government Allowances

The Role of MFS: Transparency & Accountability in Government Aid Disbursement

As a developing country, Bangladesh has recently received the recommendation from the United Nations to be promoted as a “Developing ...

History of Bata
History & Rise, Report

History of Bata & Bata Shoe Company Bangladesh Limited Operations & Future

Bata, founded in 1894, is the world’s largest shoe manufacturer and holds the Guinness World Record in this category. The ...

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