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7 SKILLS for Students
Skill Development

7 Skills You Can Develop for Better Opportunity

“Learning never exhausts the mind” this quote from Leonardo Da Vinci applies to every human being. Therefore, starting from students ...

Industries, Report

Tourism Industry in Bangladesh: A Possible New Contributor to Bangladesh Economy

Tourism is one of the emerging industries in Bangladesh. The tourism industry accounts for 4.4% of the country’s GDP and ...

bangladesh electric car
Industries, Report

EV Market in Bangladesh: Bangladesh’s Road to Adopt Electric Cars

There are currently more than 5 million electric cars around the world. Whereas the total number of electric cars sold ...

Square Pharmaceuticals
Report, Why Successful

How Did Square Pharmaceuticals Become So Successful?

It is almost impossible for an individual living in Bangladesh to not come across Square’s products or services. Since its ...

Plastic Industry of Bangladesh
Industries, Report

Plastic Industry of Bangladesh: Driving Growth in Export Earnings

Since the invention of plastic, it saw rapid commercialization that had turned it into an essential part of our lives. ...