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The Rise of Agritech in Bangladesh: The Billion Dollar Investment and the Emergence of Agritech

Bangladesh has successfully attained 100% self-sufficiency in animal meat production, with the agriculture sector playing a pivotal role in this ...

Rise Of D2C Grocery E-commerce

The Rise Of D2C Grocery E-Commerce in Bangladesh

Presently, the retail market in Bangladesh exceeds BDT 2 lac crore. However, the online grocery and e-commerce sector remains smaller ...

Journey & Operation of Hulkenstein

Journey & Operation of Hulkenstein: Revolutionizing University Admission Coaching

Although e-learning or online education originated in the middle of the last century, its adoption surged with the increasing accessibility ...

The Rise Of Organic Farming in Bangladesh

The Rise Of Organic Farming in Bangladesh

Organic Farming is basically the type of farming where crops are produced in an environmentally friendly and economically viable manner. ...

Why Did Mahindra Leave Bangladesh?

Why Did Indian Automotive Manufacturer Mahindra Leave Bangladesh?

Mahindra, the world’s largest tractor producer, distributor, and seller, as well as the 4th largest car manufacturer in the Indian ...

Journey & Operation Of Prohori VTS Vehicle Theft Prevention GPS Tracking System

Journey & Operation Of Prohori VTS: Vehicle Theft Prevention GPS Tracking System

Over the past few decades, the socio-economic progress and purchasing power of the middle class and upper middle class in ...

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing

Why Bangladeshi Businesses Need Digital Marketing?

In the contemporary era of digital advancements, businesses are compelled to continually adapt to evolving technology and changing consumer behavior. ...

Why VPN Becoming Popular: Exploring the Factors Driving Their Popularity

Why VPN Becoming Popular And Factors Behind Its Popularity

The number of internet users worldwide has surpassed the 5 billion mark, and with this growth comes an increase in ...

Economic Impact Of CTG-COX Railway Project

Economic Impact of Chittagong – Cox’s Bazar Railway Project

The Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Railway is a “fast track project” currently under construction in Bangladesh. The project, which began in 2018, ...

Mega Projects of 2023

Top 5 Mega Projects To Inaugurate In 2023

In the last decade, Bangladesh has completed or is almost done with many important infrastructure projects. Some examples are the ...