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History and journey of Audi

The Journey and Brief History Of Audi Company

Audi, a German automobile manufacturing company, is one of the most popular luxury car brands in the world. Although it ...

Why Dhaka Has Less Playgrounds

Lack of Playground in Dhaka City: Why Dhaka Has Less Playgrounds?

“Play is the highest form of research”- This quote from Albert Einstein gives some idea of how helpful it is ...

Prospects of InsurTech in Bangladesh

Prospects and Challenges of InsurTech in Bangladesh

Insurtech refers to the utilization of technology to enhance the efficiency of business processes and models in traditional insurance companies, ...

Fisheries Industry In Bangladesh

Fisheries Industry In Bangladesh: Current Trends and Future Opportunities

Fish has long been a cornerstone of Bengali cuisine and is considered a prominent non-vegetarian source. This dietary tradition has ...

Why Bangladeshi Search Engine “Pipilika” Failed
Why Failed

Why Bangladeshi Search Engine “Pipilika” Failed?

Like China’s Baidu or Russian Yandex, most of the countries of the world have different search engines to find information ...

Why Are Bangladeshi Furniture Brands Going Global

Why Are Bangladeshi Furniture Brands Going Global?

Bangladesh’s furniture industry, with a market size of over BDT 10 thousand crores, is one of the fastest-growing sectors. The ...

Rise of Dark Honey Consumption

What is Dark Honey & The Rise of Dark Honey Consumption in Bangladesh

Honey is a sweet, thick liquid that bees collect by extracting it from various flowers and preserving it in their ...

Rise Of The Wedding Industry In Bangladesh

Rise Of The Wedding Industry In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, due to the influx of various foreign cultures in the last decade, various family functions like weddings, birthdays, ...

Story of HATIL

Story of HATIL: From Humble Beginning to Changing Furniture Industry

HATIL Furniture is one of the leading manufacturing companies of branded furniture in the Bangladesh furniture industry. Despite the fact ...

Livestock Industry of Bangladesh

Livestock Industry of Bangladesh: Growth, Challenges and Future Opportunities

Livestock is one of the fastest growing industries in Bangladesh, contributing about 2 (1.90) percent to the country’s GDP and ...