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What are Export Processing Zones (EPZ) in Bangladesh & How they Operate?

What are Export Processing Zones (EPZ) in Bangladesh & How they Operate?

Export Processing Zone or EPZ, is basically a customs area where any person or organization can import plant, machinery, equipment ...

Journey of Rokomari
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Journey of Rokomari & How Rokomari was Founded?

Rokomari is the first and the leading online bookselling platform in Bangladesh. Since its launch, the company has been delivering ...

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Bangladesh RMG Industry’s Robust Growth and Challenges

The Ready-made Garment or RMG industry, which started its journey four decades ago, is now the powerhouse of Bangladesh’s economy. ...

Part-Time Jobs in Bangladesh
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5 Best Part Time Jobs for Students in Bangladesh

A part-time job is one of the best choices for students to earn their pocket money. In the developed world, ...

Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh
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Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh: Prospects and Future Challenges

The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is moving forward with great potential as 98% of the country’s total demand for medicine ...

Shrimp Sector of Bangladesh
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Shrimp Farming in Bangladesh: Why Shrimp Sector is Lagging Behind?

Shrimp is one of the key exported items of Bangladesh and makes up about 70% of the total agricultural exports. ...

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The History and Rise of Flipkart: Largest eCommarce Company in India

Flipkart, one of the most popular & leading e-commerce companies in India with a market share of 31.9%. In 2016, ...