Aviation Market Set to Triple in Size over the Next 15 Years

Aviation Market Set to Triple in Size over the Next 15 Years

JASHORE, Bangladesh – In a recent announcement at the inauguration of the new terminal building at Jashore Airport, State Minister for Civil Aviation M Mahbub Ali revealed an ambitious projection for Bangladesh’s aviation sector. He stated that the aviation market has witnessed nearly a twofold growth in the last decade and is poised to expand almost threefold in the next 15 years.

Attributing this growth to the government’s supportive policies, Minister Mahbub Ali highlighted the significant increase in investment within the country’s aviation sector. He credited Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her directives, which have contributed to the rapid development of the aviation industry in Bangladesh. Factors such as infrastructural improvements, technical and human skills development, and timely formulation of laws and policies have played pivotal roles in this remarkable progress.

“The Prime Minister’s relentless efforts are aimed at positioning Bangladesh as a major aviation hub on the global stage,” Minister Mahbub Ali proclaimed. He expressed the government’s vision to transform the nation’s aviation industry into a smart and technologically advanced one under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s leadership, believing it will play a crucial role in the country’s overall development.

Additionally, Minister Mahbub Ali emphasized the priority given to passengers’ safety and comfort, with a focus on enhancing the quality and safety of passenger services across all airports in Bangladesh.

Jashore Airport, with its history dating back to World War II and being established as a domestic airport in 1960, has undergone extensive development in the past 14 years. The newly constructed terminal building, completed under a Tk 32 crore project by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB), is set to elevate the airport’s capabilities significantly.

The modernized terminal boasts eight check-in counters, five luggage scanning machines, five archways, a VIP lounge, and ample car parking space. With these advanced facilities in place, the airport is now well-equipped to handle up to one million passengers annually. Moreover, it is expected that the new terminal’s presence will spur tourism industry growth and boost economic activities in the region.

CAAB Chairman Air Vice Marshal Mafidur Rahman also spoke at the event, acknowledging the milestone achieved and expressing optimism for the bright future of Bangladesh’s aviation sector.

As Bangladesh continues to make strides in its aviation industry, the government’s commitment to further growth and progress appears unwavering. With Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s vision and support, the nation aspires to become a prominent player in the global aviation landscape, fostering a developed and technologically advanced Bangladesh.

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