Bangladesh’s Travel Industry Gets a Boost from Startup

Bangladesh's Travel Industry Gets a Boost from Startup, a Bangladesh-based startup founded by Safwat Solaiman, the company’s CEO, and Arafat Hussain Chowdhury, its CTO, is set to revolutionize the travel industry in the country. The startup currently offers fares from all the airlines operating in Bangladesh, along with 900+ airlines from around the world, which can be easily purchased from the website and mobile app.

The idea for was conceived by Safwat Solaiman, who was looking to hire a developer to build the website. Arafat Hussain Chowdhury was initially hired on a contractual basis to work on specific parts of the development process. Later, he joined as a co-founder and CTO of

“Our mobile app is our main product, which is why we simultaneously published both our website and our app on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Installing API from domestic and international sources allowed us to provide our consumers with affordable prices,” said Arafat Hussain Chowdhury.

While only sells airline tickets at the moment, the company plans to expand its offerings to include 1 million hotel inventory from around the world. Safwat Solaiman stated that “adding 1 million hotels at competitive prices is at the final stage of development after which will commence nationwide marketing.” He also added that an increasing number of customers were purchasing domestic tickets throughout the country even without any explicit promotion, which was completely unanticipated.

“Although there are three to four well-established online travel agencies in Bangladesh, each has a different strength and weakness, and most importantly, there is a demographic segment that is underserved, which will capitalize on,” said Safwat Solaiman. He claims that has the opportunity to penetrate a sizable segment of travel clients due to this and the fact that the market’s size is expanding.

Both Safwat Solaiman and Arafat Hussain Chowdhury are confident in their startup’s ability to offer something unique to a sizable portion of the prospective B2B clients thanks to their rich content and inventory, site and app designed with the best tech, and partnerships that are now in place. They are extremely ambitious and convinced that they will be able to revolutionize the travel industry in Bangladesh.


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