Bangladesh-South Korea Bilateral Trade Surpasses $3 Billion in Fiscal Year 2022-23

Bangladesh-South Korea Bilateral Trade Surpasses $3 Billion in Fiscal Year 2022-23

In a significant development, the bilateral trade between Bangladesh and South Korea has exceeded $3.0 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23, according to statements made by State Minister for Foreign Affairs, M Shahriar Alam. He unveiled this noteworthy milestone during his address at an event commemorating Korean National Day in Dhaka city.

Minister Shahriar Alam expressed his profound appreciation for the pivotal role played by the Korean government in facilitating this remarkable achievement. Particularly noteworthy is the Korean government’s decision to grant preferential access to 95 percent of Bangladeshi products in the international market, a move that has undoubtedly contributed to the surge in trade volume

Ambassador Park Young Sik, in his remarks, emphasized the solidification of bilateral ties between Bangladesh and South Korea. Describing Bangladesh as one of South Korea’s closest and most valued friends, Ambassador Park expressed high hopes for the future of this enduring partnership. He envisioned a trajectory of cooperation that would see both nations reaching new pinnacles of economic collaboration and diplomatic synergy in the days and years ahead.

The remarkable achievement of surpassing $3 billion in bilateral trade serves as a testament to the commitment of both Bangladesh and South Korea to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and expanding their economic footprint on the global stage. As these two nations continue to strengthen their ties, the prospects for enhanced trade, investment, and diplomatic collaboration appear brighter than ever.

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