bKash Introduces ‘Business Dashboard’ That’ll Allow Merchants Receive Payments Using bKash Payment Link

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Payment collection is the most challenging part of small-scale e-commerce and f-commerce businesses. When it comes to online payment, online sellers and most customers commonly use bKash. bKash Business Dashboard is a service by the company especially aimed at the online sellers in order to help them collect and track all the payments easily. Currently, there are 260 thousand merchant points throughout the country where about 57 million bKash users can scan a QR code or type a merchant number to make a seamless payment instead of carrying cash. Through the business dashboard, customers will be able to pay using payment links as well.

What is bKash Business Dashboard?

bKash Business Dashboard is a service where businesses can create a two-page payment window and send it to the customers. Customers can click on the link and be able to pay right away. To create a payment link through the dashboard, businesses or entrepreneurs have to register at bKash Business with their merchant account or a personal retail account and an active email address.

bKash Business Dashboards can help merchants easily collect payments from their customers through Payment Link & features like Refund System, and many more.

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Features of bKash Dashboard


Merchants can track transaction records on the dashboard, receive monthly reports via email, and create customized payment packages. In addition to time and date, the bKash dashboard includes customer wallet number, amount transaction ID, invoicing number, payment channel, customer information, payment search by using the customer phone number and transaction ID, and more. 

A 100 Taka sign-up bonus is being offered to the merchants to celebrate the launch of the Dashboard service. To avail the bonus, a merchant has to receive a minimum of 100 taka through the payment link after signing up to the business dashboard. 

Payment Link

bKash payment links allow users to make payments transparently without incurring any additional fees. Meanwhile, the business dashboard makes it easy to create and share links extremely simple. Businesses can generate a 2-page payment window using the business dashboard and by specifying a fixed amount on the payment link the seller can also send the buyer a ‘Fixed Payment Link’, which will make the payment process much faster. These links can be shared with customers via any social network, like Messenger or WhatsApp, email, or SMS.

Refund System

A refund can also be made to the customer through the business dashboard. Partial refunds can also be done if needed. As an example, if a customer orders two products and returns one, the money for that product can be refunded. Or if someone cancels their whole order the full amount can be refunded very easily.

Currently, bKash business dashboard is running a Referral Campaign. If you are a merchant or a personal retail account holder, just go to this link to refer bKash dashboard to your entrepreneur friends or other fellow merchants.


1. Those who have a bKash Merchant Account or Personal Retail Account can be referred.

2. In addition, a completely new number can be referred (those who do not have any bKash account already).

3. The same number cannot be referred more than once a week.

4. If anyone already has a bKash Customer / Agent account, that number cannot be referred.

5. If the new merchant signs up and accepts a minimum payment of tk.100 through their payment link, the referrer merchant will get the bonus.

So don’t wait any longer to refer your business acquaintances.


bKash payment service has made online shopping convenient and cashless for an ever-increasing number of consumers throughout the country. Payments are easier for the customers and keeping track of the orders and payments is easier for the merchants. The benefits of using bKash Business Dashboard is endless.

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