BYLC Ventures Invests in Rising Grocery E-Commerce Platform Green Grocery

BYLC Ventures Invests in Rising Grocery E-Commerce Platform Green Grocery

Local venture capital firm BYLC Ventures has announced an investment in pioneering direct-to-consumer (D2C) grocery e-commerce startup Green Grocery. The investment agreement was signed between Green Grocery Managing Director Talukder Md Shabbir and BYLC Ventures Executive Director Tahsina Ahmed on February 14th.

Commenting on the new investment, Shabbir noted, “BYLC Venture’s backing goes beyond just financial support. As a relatively young company, Green Grocery can benefit immensely from BYLC’s broader cooperation and guidance.”

Founded in 2020, Green Grocery has rapidly built an integrated network for sourcing, storing, and delivering quality, safe foods directly to consumers. The startup previously received pre-seed funding in late 2021 to jumpstart its operations. So far, Green Grocery has served over 5,000 customers with more than 70 own-brand products available through its website.

As a pioneer in Bangladesh’s emerging D2C e-grocery segment, Green Grocery’s farm-to-door proposition offers convenience and reliability at a time when consumers are becoming more conscious about their food choices. With BYLC Ventures’ backing and industry expertise, the platform is poised to bolster its technological capabilities and product range to serve this growing target market.

Analysts note that Green Grocery has already gained recognition as a trusted D2C brand since its inception. They believe BYLC Ventures’ strategic investment underscores the platform’s promising growth trajectory and potential to grab further market share from brick-and-mortar grocery chains.

Propelled by shifting consumer preferences for digital convenience and access to healthy, transparently sourced produce, Green Grocery’s technology-enabled distribution model represents the future of grocery retail in the country. By securing the backing of a respected institutional investor, the company is well-primed to cement its leadership within this rapidly digitalizing essential sector.

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