Bangladesh Film Industry Ever Return

Will The Golden Days Of The Bangladesh Film Industry Ever Return?

Cinema is one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide. In addition to being a medium of entertainment, cinema ...

Sustainability & Social Responsibilities Of HATIL

Environmentally Friendly Factory of Hatil: Sustainability & Social Responsibilities Of HATIL

Becoming a frontrunner in any industry cannot be accomplished just by peddling products or providing services. A company’s role extends ...

electric Vehicle in Bangladesh

Is Bangladesh Ready For Electric Vehicles: Future of Electric Vehicles in Bangladesh

Globally, the use of electric vehicles is constantly increasing. In 2022, more than 10 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide, ...

Augmedix Bangladesh

How Augmedix Bangladesh Changing The Healthcare Industry

Waiting at a hospital or in front of a doctor’s chamber to get medical care is something that everyone can ...


Rise Of JDM: How Japanese Car Changed The Automobile Industry

The fascination of individuals who grew up in the 1990s with automobiles often begins with iconic Japanese models such as ...


Ehsan Group’s Financial Scam Exploiting Religious Sentiments

Many people know about the Ehsan Group’s scam, where they took advantage of people’s religious beliefs through mass media and ...


History and Journey Of Hyundai: The Biggest Car Manufacturer in the World

Hyundai is a Korean multinational automobile manufacturing company that has been a part of the global automobile industry for nearly ...


The Rise of Agritech in Bangladesh: The Billion Dollar Investment and the Emergence of Agritech

Bangladesh has successfully attained 100% self-sufficiency in animal meat production, with the agriculture sector playing a pivotal role in this ...

Rise Of D2C Grocery E-commerce

The Rise Of D2C Grocery E-Commerce in Bangladesh

Presently, the retail market in Bangladesh exceeds BDT 2 lac crore. However, the online grocery and e-commerce sector remains smaller ...

Journey & Operation of Hulkenstein

Journey & Operation of Hulkenstein: Revolutionizing University Admission Coaching

Although e-learning or online education originated in the middle of the last century, its adoption surged with the increasing accessibility ...

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