Fisheries Industry In Bangladesh

Fisheries Industry In Bangladesh: Current Trends and Future Opportunities

Fish has long been a cornerstone of Bengali cuisine and is considered a prominent non-vegetarian source. This dietary tradition has ...

LPG Industry of Bangladesh
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LPG Industry of Bangladesh: Growth, Challenges and Future Opportunities

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is basically a form of petroleum gas in a liquid state with a mixture of ...

Ship Breaking Industry of Bangladesh
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Ship Breaking and Recycling Industry of Bangladesh

The process of dismantling or scraping the parts of an old or useless ship for the purpose of reuse is ...

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Steel Re-rolling Industry of Bangladesh: Growth and Future Prospects

An important factor in determining a country’s development is the growth of its steel production and consumption. Bangladesh’s steel and ...

poultry industry in Bangladesh
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Self Sufficiency in Protein: Poultry Industry in Bangladesh

Among all the sub-sectors of the livestock sector in Bangladesh, poultry stands as one of the most important ones. Chickens, ...

Leather Industry of Bangladesh

Leather Industry of Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities

Leather is one of the oldest industries in Bangladesh. Exporting 10 percent of the global demand for leather, Bangladesh’s leather ...

ISP Industry of Bangladesh
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ISP Industry of Bangladesh: Challenges and Future Prospects

Internet Service Provider or ISP provides Internet service for a variety of individuals and corporate clients. With Internet access, ISP ...

Domestic Aviation Industry
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Overview of the Domestic Aviation Industry in Bangladesh

On January 1st, 1972 independent Bangladesh’s civil aviation journey began with Captain A. Rahim’s Cessna 150 aircraft. Since then, at ...

What are the State Owned Enterprises of Bangladesh
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What are the State Owned Enterprises of Bangladesh?

SOE or State Owned Enterprise is basically a state-owned commercial enterprise. These companies operate on the basis of separate legal ...

The History & Operation of Carew & Co.

The History & Operation of Carew and Company Ltd.

Carew & Company is the only government distillery in the country under Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC). The ...

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