Furniture Industry of Bangladesh
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Furniture Industry of Bangladesh: One of the Fastest Growing Sector

Furniture is one of the essential products for our home or office use. Besides being a necessity for everyday usage, ...

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Bangladesh RMG Industry’s Robust Growth and Challenges

The Ready-made Garment or RMG industry, which started its journey four decades ago, is now the powerhouse of Bangladesh’s economy. ...

Fintech Landscape India vs Bangladesh
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Fintech Landscape India vs Bangladesh: Reasons Behind India’s Rapid Growth

Fintech is the short form of Financial Technology. It is a word used to represent a set of new financial ...

Supershop Industry in BD

Supershop Industry in Bangladesh : A Sector with Huge Potential

The super shop industry of Bangladesh was first introduced, almost 20 years ago while Agora was established in 2001. According ...

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The Rise of Agent Banking in Bangladesh

Agent banking is a way of providing limited-scale, formal banking service to the doorsteps of the underserved population. For banks, ...

Rise of Video Streaming Platforms in Bangladesh
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The Rise and Future of Video Streaming Platforms in Bangladesh

Over-the-top (OTT) or video streaming platforms around the world have grown significantly over the years. According to statista, in 2021, ...

Bangladesh Automobile Industry

Bangladesh Automobile Industry: Current Trends and Future

Automobile industry is one of the growing sectors in Bangladesh. Compared to the last decade, the growth of the automobile ...

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EdTech Industry Overview: Bangladeshi EdTech Startups

In 2019, the market size of Global Education Technology was around 75 billion dollars which will exceed 318 billion dollars ...

Healthtech Industry of Bangladesh
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Health Tech Industry of Bangladesh: Digital Healthcare Startups

The pandemic has thrust the global healthcare ecosystem to an unprecedented level. Also, it has underscored the necessity of a ...

Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh
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Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh: Prospects and Future Challenges

The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is moving forward with great potential as 98% of the country’s total demand for medicine ...