Startup Stories

Startup Stories

MommyKidz: A Dear Solution To Pregnancy, Postpartum And Parenthood

Annually, more than 3.5 million women and parents embark on the journey of parenthood. However, Bangladesh presents distressing statistics on ...

The Journey Of Sheraspace Revolutionizing The Interior Design Industry
Startup Stories

The Journey Of Sheraspace: Revolutionizing The Interior Design Industry

The interior design market in Bangladesh has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent times. In the past, interior design was ...

Startup Stories

Revolutionizing the Tech World – The Journey of Airwrk

Bangladesh is a country that heavily relies on the billions of dollars in remittances it receives every year, with freelancers ...

Kritoggo Foundation
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Breaking The Poverty Cycle: How Kritoggo Foundation Is Making A Difference

Breaking the poverty cycle is a significant challenge, but it’s one that Kritoggo Foundation is determined to tackle head-on. With ...

BabyTube: A Safe Video-Sharing Platform for Children and Teens in Bangladesh
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BabyTube: A Safe Video-Sharing Platform for Children and Teens in Bangladesh

The rise of information technology has made access to digital content easier than ever before. The internet provides endless sources ...

Bangladesh's Travel Industry Gets a Boost from Startup
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Bangladesh’s Travel Industry Gets a Boost from Startup, a Bangladesh-based startup founded by Safwat Solaiman, the company’s CEO, and Arafat Hussain Chowdhury, its CTO, is set to ...

Journey of Rokomari
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Journey of Rokomari & How Rokomari was Founded?

Rokomari is the first and the leading online bookselling platform in Bangladesh. Since its launch, the company has been delivering ...

History and Journey of Truck Lagbe
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Journey of Truck Lagbe: Digitizing Bangladesh’s Trucking Industry

Every day thousands of commercial trucks, pickups, and covered vans are transporting goods throughout the country, which keeps the wheels ...

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History & Rise of 10 Minute School: Largest Online Classroom of Bangladesh

10 Minute School is one of the leading e-learning or educational technology (edtech) platforms in Bangladesh. Since its inception the ...

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EdTech Industry Overview: Bangladeshi EdTech Startups

In 2019, the market size of Global Education Technology was around 75 billion dollars which will exceed 318 billion dollars ...

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