Curtain Closes On Clash Of BizWords, Hosted By IMA

Curtain Closes On Clash Of BizWords, Hosted By IMA

Beginning in December 2022, the Independent Marketers’ Association completed IUB’s first intra-business debating tournament, “Clash of BizWords.” IMA is founded on a philosophy that places emphasis on marketing as a means to better serve the students. As the marketing industry evolves at a rapid pace, IMA hopes to assist IUB’s young professionals in keeping pace with the field. IMA organizes events that have a significant cultural impact on campus and provide a unique and enjoyable learning environment for those majoring in marketing. This is the place for dreamers to show off their skills and creativity and reach the best possible goal.

Debate is a great way to hone someone’s analytical and critical thinking skills, and when the pandemic subsided for a while, IMA had the bright idea of having an intra-debate competition. All of the university students were invited to this debate feast. Students argued passionately over how to solve some of the world’s most pressing business problems as part of this competition. Furthermore, because the entire IUB was present, students were able to meet and network with peers from various institutions. The Club Coordinator and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tanweer Hasan, Ph.D, wanted to make an effort to increase the network among students and create well-known futurists, so the Independent Marketers’ Association – IMA made an effort to publicize the ideas. 

There were 32 teams total, and the competition was run in the same style as the WSDC. The event was won by the All Stars from the business department, and team Mission 12k came in second place in this battle of words.

The esteemed Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at IUB, Prof. Dr. Meherun Ahmed, presided over the event’s closing ceremony, which took place on campus. Mr. Mohammed Sohel Islam, head of the marketing department, Mr. Abul Khair Jyote, coordinator of the club, and Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Fauzul Azim, mentor of the club, accompanied her.

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