Digital Business Identification Launched to Regulate E-commerce

Digital Business Identification Launched to Regulate e-commerce

Every e-commerce company will now be required to obtain a DBID in order to conduct business. Today, at the commerce ministry an inter-ministerial meeting took place. Tipu Munshi, commerce minister launched the digital app for digital business identification (DIBD) to inspect irregularities in the e-commerce sector. 

At the launch event, 11 companies were provided DBID certificates. 

A top ministry official says, “The commerce ministry will bring all e-commerce platforms under a business identification programme this year to rein in frauds and irregularities in online shopping.”

Hafizur Rahman, chief of the Central Digital Commerce Cell at the Ministry of Commerce confirmed that “Even Facebook-based smaller e-business platforms will have to get the unique business identification number. Any online market platform without the identification will be shut down,”

He also stated that e-commerce businesses will be required to apply for a unique business identity number (UBIN) online, after which the ministry will provide certification following a thorough inspection. To conduct the inspection a Software has been developed by a2i and the ICT Division.

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