Dhaka Metro Rail Project Timeline: From Planning to Execution

dhaka metro rail
  • Dhaka Metro Rail Project Overview:

Total 129.901KM (Elevated 68.729km, Underground 61.172km)

Total 105 Stations (Elevated 52, Underground 53)

  • Project Timeline:

In 2005– first taken into account

In 2012– the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council approves the Metro Rail scheme.

In 2013– Jica signed the loan agreement with Bangladesh.

In 2014– The $2.82 billion metro rail project got a shot in the arm upon receiving Japanese funding.

In 2015, the government signed a contract with the Japanese Tokyu Construction Company to develop the Metro Rail depot.

In 2016– The project has been delayed by at least six months because of the terrorist attack in Gulshan

In 2017– signed three contracts with two companies for the civil construction work at the Uttara depot and building elevated rail viaducts from north Uttara to Agargaon.

In 2018– Dhaka Mass Transit Company Ltd today signed contracts with two joint-venture companies for package-5 and package-6 of MRT Line-6 known as Metro Rail.

In 2019– Pandrol, a rail infrastructure solutions provider, was sub-contracted by L&T to provide rail fastening solutions for MRT Line-6.

In 2021– the first trial run was conducted on Diya Bari to Uttara.

  • Timeframe for Opening:

MRT line 1 is expected to finish construction in 2026.

MRT line 2  is expected to finish construction in 2030.

MRT line 4 is expected to finish in 2030.

MRT line 5N is expected to finish in 2028

MRT line 5S is expected to finish in 2030.

MRT line 6 is expected to finish in 2024.

  • Capacity:

Each train can carry a maximum of 2,308 people at a time.

MRT line 6 an estimated 60,000 passengers will travel per hour on the route from 6 am to 10 pm, amounting to 960,000 people using the metro rail every day. 

  • Cost for MRT lines 1, 5, and 6:

MRT line 1 estimated at BDT 51,900 crore

MRT line 5 estimated at BDT 41,261 crore

MRT line 6 estimated at BDT 21,985 crore

  • Revenue:

The project will save BDT 200 billion/ year, equivalent to 1.5%  gross domestic production (GDP) and 17% of the total tax revenue. 

  • Trains Arrivals Time:

In Every 2.30min-3.30min interval, a train arrives 

  • MRT line 1

-Part 1- 12 stations

Airport-Kamlapur 24min 30second including stoppage 

-Part 2- 9 stations

Notun Bazar-Purbachol Terminal 20min 30second including stoppage

-Part 3- 16 stations

Kamlapur-Purbachol terminal 35min 30 seconds Including stoppage

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