EconProdigy Returns to Tackle Bangladesh’s Economic Challenges

After a four-year hiatus, the nation’s premier inter-university policy-making competition, EconProdigy, has made a much-anticipated return for its 6th iteration. Presented by North South University’s Young Economists’ Forum, this prestigious event provides young people with a platform to showcase their economic analysis and policy-making prowess to positively reshape Bangladesh’s economic landscape.

EconProdigy 6.0’s theme – “Inflation-Instability-Innovation” – reflects the pressing economic hurdles faced by Bangladesh today. By highlighting the need to synergize strategic policies and pioneering solutions, the competition calls for multifaceted approaches to effectively manage instability while spurring innovation against the backdrop of rising inflation.

Through three rigorous rounds, participants can uniquely demonstrate their economic acumen. The opening round, “Beyond The Headlines,” requires examining underlying economic issues and crafting detailed policy solutions. This will be followed by the workshop “Navigating The Complexities of Today for An Economic Future” to enrich participants’ grasp of policy-making. The second round – “Cross-Talk” – entails teams debating their proposals. Finally, the finale “Policy Dialogue” allows finalists to present polished policies to judges and industry veterans.

By convening top students nationwide, EconProdigy 6.0 unites young intellects to address Bangladesh’s economic woes head-on – mitigating inflation while promoting stability and innovation. With the stakes higher than ever, participants are presented with the timely opportunity to bring their boldest economic ideas to fruition through an unparalleled platform. Ready to push boundaries with creative yet pragmatic solutions, EconProdigy 6.0 promises an enriching experience as ideas transform into impact.

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