Ostad, an eLearning Platform Trying to Solve the Issues of Pre-recorded Courses

OSTAD edtech platform

With pre-recorded courses failing to generate lasting impact on learners, ostad is planning to solve the issue through on-live courses

Ostad is one of Bangladesh’s fastest-growing educational technology (Edtech) or e-learning platforms. The platform aims to give opportunities for those who are continually on the lookout for skills development, knowledge, and methods to improve themselves since its inception. After exploring the market, Ostad discovered untapped opportunities and created learning on-live platforms, and developed a task-based curriculum to turn pre-recorded video and physical training into an On-Live Course to meet the needs of a broad range of people.

There are so many E-learning platforms currently maintaining their operations but according to Ostad most of them have failed to guide learners in the right direction. Many even questioned how competent the mentors of these platforms are. People lose interest in online learning because of several roadblocks, such as lack of qualified mentors, authentic sources, quality materials, payment methods, usability, and so on.

Where pre-recorded video courses end, Ostad starts – with this mantra, Ostad came up with the Idea and introduced an on-live e-learning platform to give a handful of experiences. Ostad has always strived to provide hands-on learning experience from industry leaders and qualified mentors through On-Live Courses, the official website stated.

Through Online live courses, learners can easily access their skill development courses with authentic resources and will get 24/7 support from the experts, according to Ostad. With the vision of creating the world’s best multilingual e-learning platform and interactive on-live courses hub, it aims to enhance individuals’ skills and make skill development resources accessible to everyone at an affordable price, according to Ostad.

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