EWU Agro Industrialization Club Hosts “Sales Sprint 2023”

EWU Agro Industrialization Club hosts Sales Sprint 2023

The East-West University Agro Industrialization Club (EWU AIC) has organized an intra-university sales-based case competition, “Sales Sprint 2023”. The club. EWI AIC is known for conducting events such as EMP (EWU Marque Prey), Supply Chain Challenge, Value String Challenge, and Agro Biz Expo, which has organized this competition for the first time.

The competition will be held in four phases. The first part of the competition was a workshop on the “Sales and Retail” industry, where Salah Uddin Misbah, Head of Business (ACI Logistics Limited), was present as a guest speaker. He shared some sales and promotional strategies, retail challenges, and his own experiences in the sales industry. The workshop offered attendees a unique and valuable opportunity to learn from an industry expert and gain hands-on experience in the field.

In the second phase of the competition, another workshop about “Case Solving Overview” will be conducted. In the third and fourth phases of the competition, there will be round 1 and the final round of case solving. Participating teams will receive cases related to sales and retail problems.

The Sales Sprint 2023 event is designed to challenge students to develop creative solutions to sales-related problems and to build their skills in communication, persuasion, and strategic thinking. EWU AIC is overwhelmed by the responses from the students, and they are inspired as a new concept has been introduced among them. The main objective of the competition is to provide a clear understanding of the “Retail and Sales Industry” among the students and inspire them to build a career in sales.

Jamuna TV is the media partner of the event, and Drinko is the beverage partner. Brand Practitioners Bangladesh is the strategy partner, Business Inspection BD is the online media partner, and Radio Carnival is the online radio partner.

The Sales Sprint 2023 event is expected to be a huge success in promoting and developing the sales industry among university students.

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