East West University Agro Industrialization Club Announces Sales Sprint 2.0 Competition

East West University Agro Industrialization Club Announces Sales Sprint 2.0 Competition

Are you a student interested in sales and the retail industry? Do you want to test your skills and learn from the pros? Then get ready, because the Agro Industrialization Club at East West University (EWUAIC) is about to kick off their second annual Sales Sprint competition!

This intra-university case competition is all about giving students hands-on experience in sales and retail. The club recognizes how important these fields are, both for agro-industrialization and for students looking to launch their careers. So they’ve put together an exciting event to help you boost your sales savvy.

Here’s the scoop on what’s in store:

Why Sales Sprint Matters

The EWUAIC recognizes the critical role that sales and retail play in the agro-industrialization sector. They also understand how eager students are to launch successful careers in these fields. That’s why they’ve crafted an immersive event that combines real-world case challenges, expert guidance, and networking opportunities.

Through Sales Sprint 2.0, the club aims to:

  • Enhance students’ sales skills and knowledge
  • Expose participants to the realities of the retail sector
  • Connect students with industry professionals for mentorship and advice
  • Provide a platform for students to showcase their talents
  • Offer a jumpstart to exciting careers in sales and retail

Event Details

So, what exactly can participants expect from Sales Sprint 2.0? Let’s break it down:

  1. Panel Discussion: Gain valuable insights from industry leaders and sales specialists. They’ll share their experiences, strategies, and advice for succeeding in sales and retail.
  2. Workshop: Learn how to approach and solve case challenges like a pro. The EWUAIC team will walk you through the process and help you prepare for the competition rounds.
  3. Case Rounds: Put your skills to the test! You’ll tackle realistic case scenarios focused on trade sales, promotions, and in-person sales.
    • Round 1: Submit your solution to qualify for the next stage
    • Round 2: Up the ante and show the judges what you’re made of
  4. Final Round & Awards Ceremony: The top teams will present their case solutions live before a panel of expert judges. Then, celebrate everyone’s achievements at a gala awards ceremony.

Event Schedule

Here’s a quick look at the key dates for Sales Sprint 2.0:

March 24-25, 2024On-Campus Registration
March 26, 2024Online Registration
March 27, 2024Workshop on Case Solving
March 28-29, 2024Case Round 1
March 30-31, 2024Case Round 2
April 2, 2024Final Round & Awards Ceremony

As you can see, the action kicks off in late March with registration on East West University’s campus and online. The pre-event workshop will set participants up for success in the first case round. Then, the intensity builds through the second case round and live finals. It all culminates in an awards gala on April 2nd to recognize the standout performances.

What’s in It for Students?

Participating in Sales Sprint 2.0 offers a range of perks:

  • Exposure on EWUAIC’s social media channels
  • Endorsements from respected company reps and workshop speakers
  • Promotional support on East West University’s campus
  • Mentions in news and print media coverage of the event
  • Opportunities to promote new products or services through the competition

Plus, you’ll get to network with like-minded peers, learn from seasoned pros, and gain practical experience that will set you apart in your future job hunt.

Expected Reach and Impact

The EWUAIC is going all out to make Sales Sprint 2.0 a massive success. They’re anticipating:

  • 150 teams to register
  • 450 individual student participants
  • 280 club members to help promote the event
  • 20,000 students (the entire East West University student body) to be reached through promotional efforts

In short, this competition is the perfect platform to get your name out there, showcase your skills, and launch your career in sales or retail.

About the EWUAIC

If you’re not yet familiar with the East-West University Agro Industrialization Club, let me give you a quick intro. Established in 2011, the EWUAIC was the first club of its kind across all the private universities in Bangladesh. Their mission is to drive innovation and industrialization in the agricultural sector, both locally and globally.

The club’s motto, “Enlightening the world with the color of Agriculture,” perfectly captures their commitment to making a meaningful impact. They bring together passionate students, cutting-edge research, and industry partnerships to revolutionize agro-based products and services.

Through initiatives like Supply Chain, EWU Marque Prey (EMP), EWU Value String Challenge, EWU Sales Sprint, and EWU Argo-Biz Expo, the club is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in agro-industrialization. And their alumni and members have the accolades to prove it, with impressive victories in various competitions and coveted roles at leading firms across Bangladesh.

Get Ready to Sprint!

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about the Agro Industrialization Club at East West University’s Sales Sprint 2.0 competition! This is your chance to gain hands-on sales experience, network with industry leaders, and launch your career in this dynamic field.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Mark your calendars for March 24th when registration opens, both online and at the on-campus booth. Get pumped for the pre-event workshop on March 27th, where you’ll learn how to crush the case challenges. Then, give it your all in the case rounds and live finals.

Who knows? You might just walk away with the top prize, unbeatable exposure, and a clear path to your dream job in sales or retail.

The EWUAIC is ready to make Sales Sprint 2.0 the ultimate platform for aspiring sales superstars. Now, the ball is in your court. Take the leap, join the competition, and get ready to sprint your way to success!

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