EWU’s Value String Challenge 2023 Fosters Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

EWU's Value String Challenge 2023 Fosters Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

The East-West University’s Agro-Industrialization Club organized its yearly “Value String Challenge”. Here students solved agro-industrial case studies. Focused on creating value chain solutions. 

The competition comprised of two phases and a workshop. The workshop taught value chain concepts and case solving skills. 45 teams participated initially. Seven top teams advanced to finals held on November 18th. The winning teams were: Champions-Team Brave Venture, Strugglers, and UWU Twins. Teams studied given cases and devised solutions. Industry experts evaluated teams on viability, innovation and presentation ability.

The competition kicked off with value chain and case analysis workshop. This provided a base to analyze real-world problems. During intensive preparation students applied learnings to complex business scenarios. This expanded their problem solving expertise for future careers. 

The event saw alliances between university and media companies like Deepto TV and Radio Carnival. Such industry partnerships help amplify students’ messages and insights. Key guidance came from Practitioners Academy Bangladesh and university faculties. 

The competition sharpens critical thinking and teamwork ability. Organizers emphasized such events consistently spark knowledge transfer at the university. Rigorous case solving connects theories with real situations. Reveals new perspectives through collaboration. Helps students pitch under pressure.

As optimized value chains drive economy, the Club engages youth in this field. The Challenge stands out as one of the Club’s applied learning competitions. Alongside sales events and photography fairs. Giving well-rounded professional development.

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