Generation Z Bangladesh Signed an MoU with Robi 10 Minute School

The largest online education platform in Bangladesh is partnering with Generation Z Bangladesh as its Youth Engagement Partner. On December 27 of 2021, both organizations have signed a “Memorandum Of Understanding” to enlighten the youth generation of Bangladesh.

Generation Z Bangladesh is a non-profit youth organization that is working to develop the young generation towards a successful career in the corporate sector and help them to grow as an individual entrepreneur. In February 2020, Generation Z Bangladesh begins its journey with the motto to create the next generation Knowledgeable, Professional, and Ideal.

According to Crunchbase, 10 Minute School has been operating since 2015 and every day it teaches nearly two million students for free through its app and website. This EdTech partnered with the country’s leading mobile phone operator in 2016.

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