Govt. Titumir College Hosting Third Hult Prize Oncampus Competition

Govt. Titumir College Hosting Third Hult Prize Oncampus Competition

Govt Titumir College is once again hosting the Hult Prize OnCampus competition, challenging students to come up with sustainable ideas to redesign the fashion industry. This is the third time that the college is hosting the event, which is part of the Hult Prize annual competition that seeks to solve pressing social issues such as education, water access, energy, and food security.

The Hult Prize competition began in 2010 and has launched a number of programs, including Hult Prize Regionals, Hult Prize on Campus, the Hult Prize Accelerator, and the Hult Prize Summit. The competition offers a $1M award for social entrepreneurship.

Registration for the Hult Prize on-campus program is ongoing, and all students are encouraged to participate. The college has “10 Minute School” & “brightskills’ ‘ as their E-learning partner, while Shadhin 92.4 fm is their radio partner. Business Inception BD is also supporting this prestigious program as the media partner.

Professor MD Salah Uddin, Advisor of Hult Prize at Govt. Titumir College, said, “I consistently recommend and emphasize the immense value of participating in the Hult Prize OnCampus program, which provides a unique opportunity for students to not only develop business skills but also to create a sustainable impact and make a difference in the world through their innovative ideas.”

The Hult Prize has been a resounding success at Govt Titumir College over the past two years, with six winning teams and two champion teams competing at the Hult Prize Regional. This year, the college hopes to receive even more responses.

Sadul Sifat, Campus Director of Hult Prize at Govt. Titumir College, added, “I strongly encourage all students to consider joining the OnCampus program, as it offers a remarkable platform to not only develop their entrepreneurial skills but also to create positive social change through innovative and scalable solutions.”

Students at Govt Titumir College are eager to make a social impact through their ideas. Evana Israt, Deputy Campus Director of Hult Prize at Govt. Titumir College, said, “The Hult Prize is more than just a competition; it’s a movement of young changemakers who are driven to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.”

All involved hope that this year’s Hult Prize will be a memorable journey with impactful ideas, and students from Titumir College will be able to take part in the Hult Prize Accelerator.

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