GoZayaan Acquires Pakistani Travel-tech Platform FindMyAdventure

GoZayaan Acquires Pakistani Travel-tech Platform FindMyAdventure

GoZayaan is a popular portal for travel and tourism, and recently it has acquired FindMyAdventure, a travel-tech platform from Pakistan. With this, GoZayaan has become the first traveling company to take over another platform exceeding the border.

The main reason for acquiring FindMyAdventure was the similarity in geography, internet penetration and user behavior in booking a trip. GoZayaan has raised a funding of undisclosed amount. The funding was backed by the existing investors – Nordstar Partners, Saurabh Gupta, Partner at DST Global and Alexander Rittweger, Founder of PAYBACK.

Last year, they closed a seed round of $2.6M led by Wavemaker Partners and joined by venture capital firms Ratio Venture, 1982 VC, Iterative, Century Oak Capital and current and former Airbnb execs. Before that, the company had raised its pre-seed round from BRAC Osiris Impact Venture.

GoZayaan’s founder and CEO, Mr. Ridwan Hafiz, quoted in a press release, “Bangladesh has the potential to create not just local, but also regional or global companies. We are going to try exactly that. This unlocks a total addressable market for us which is massive because together, Bangladesh and Pakistan constitute 5% of the world’s total population. We said we were going to create the future of travel; well, the future starts now.”

GoZayaan was founded in August, 2017 by Ridwan Hafiz, CEO of GoZayaan. He started this company to provide travelers with customized travel trips and adequate information. To find digital solutions for travel problems and shape the future of travel in the South Asia region, GoZayaan is working to deliver an end-to-end automated travel booking system where travelers are in charge of their trip planning.

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