Hi-Tech Parks In Bangladesh: Present Scenario & Future Prospects

Hi-Tech Parks In Bangladesh Present Scenario & Future Prospects

Hi-Tech parks, also known as technology parks, are designated areas that provide infrastructure, resources, and support for technology-based businesses. Bangladesh has recently made significant strides in developing hi-tech parks to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. The government has established several Hi-Tech parks across the country. This includes the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Hi-Tech Park in Gazipur and the Janata Tower Software Technology Park in Dhaka. These parks offer modern facilities such as high-speed internet, advanced telecommunication systems, and an uninterrupted power supply.

The establishment of hi-tech parks in Bangladesh is a crucial step towards building a knowledge-based economy. These parks aim to attract local and foreign investment in the information technology (IT) sector, create jobs, and contribute to economic growth. The government has set a target to create millions of jobs in the IT sector by 2025, and the development of hi-tech parks is a key component of this plan.

Currently, there are around 28 Hi-Tech Parks (HTP) / Software Technology Parks (STP) / IT Training and Incubation Centers across the country. The concerned authority has completed some of them which are currently operational. Also, they are working on several other projects which are under construction. Moreover, the government has recently approved some more hi-tech park projects. Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA) is working to implement and maintain these projects. The government established BHTPA under the “Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority Act-2010” with the objective of creating an investment-friendly environment and creating employment through the development and growth of high-tech industries in the country.

Hi-Tech Parks In Bangladesh

Operational Hi-Tech Parks

  • Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City, Kaliakoir
  • Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park, Jashore
  • Software Technology Park, Janata Tower
  • Sheikh Kamal IT Training and Incubation Center, Natore

Currently, there are 4 Hi-Tech parks operational in Bangladesh. First is the Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City, located at Kaliakore in Gazipur. Spread over an area of ​​355 acres, the facility has several buildings. This includes a factory building of about 60,000 sft, a signature building of over 150,000 sft, a Solaris building of 2 lakh sq. ft., and an industrial building of 25,000 sft. In addition, there is a three-story admin building, a two-story service building, and a four-tier data center in the park.

On this project, around 40 companies have invested BDT 327 crore and have got land allotments in 8 blocks. Apart from this, Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park, located at Jashore, is a 15 storied midfield terminal building (MTB) that is built on 2,32,000 sft of land. Also, there is a 12 storied dormitory building constructed over 98,000 sft area. Around 61 companies have invested in this park and got space allotment. The concerned management authority expects that about 5000 people will be able to enjoy the benefits of the working facilities in this park. 

Software Technology Park, Janata Tower, has been built in Karwan Bazar, the heart of Dhaka. The 12-story building has various facilities including an uninterrupted power connection, advanced communication systems, a high-speed fiber optic connection, a world-class food court, an HVAC system, a training center, and a conference hall. So far, 18 companies and 13 startups have invested in building and conducting their operations. Also, Sheikh Kamal IT Training and Incubation Center is located at Sadar Hospital Road, Natore. It is a reputed IT Business Incubator System where companies are working on technologies like IoT, Robotics, and Cyber ​​Security. This way Bangladesh can take on the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Hi-Tech Parks Under Construction

  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Hi-Tech Park, Rajshahi
  • Hi-Tech Park, Sylhet (Sylhet Electronics City)
  • IT/Hi-Tech Park at District Level (12 districts)
  • IT Business and Incubation Center, CUET
  • IT Business and Incubation Center, Rajshahi
  • ICT Incubator Cum Training Center, KUET

There are currently 5 Hi-Tech parks under construction in Bangladesh. They are – Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Hi-Tech Park and IT Business and Incubation Center in Rajshahi, Hi-Tech Park in Sylhet Electronics City, IT Business and Incubation Center in CUET, and ICT Incubator & Training Center in KUET. Also, more IT/Hi-Tech Parks are being developed in 12 districts of the country. The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) approved this project in 2017. However, the construction work of 8 of them has started in February 2022 and the rest will be done gradually. 

Approved Hi-Tech Park Projects

  • Mymensingh Hi-Tech Park
  • Jamalpur Hi-Tech Park
  • Keraniganj Hi-Tech Park
  • Comilla Hi-Tech Park
  • Barisal Hi-Tech Park
  • Cox’s Bazar Hi-Tech Park
  • Gopalganj Hi-Tech Park
  • Bangladesh Bharot Digital Service and Employment Training (BDSET) Center 
  • Barendra Silicon City, Rajshahi

The Bangladesh government has approved several hi-tech park projects in different regions of the country, including Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Keraniganj, Comilla, Barisal, Cox’s Bazar, Gopalganj, and Rajshahi. According to TBS, the Indian government will provide Tk 1,746.4 crore of the project cost, and the rest of the Tk 50 crore will come from the Bangladesh government. Moreover, India will also provide another Tk 75 crore for setting up the Bangladesh-Bharat Digital Edutainment center and the Bangladesh-Bharat Digital Service and Employment Training (BDSET) Center. These projects are aimed at creating employment opportunities, driving innovation and technology development, and boosting economic growth in Bangladesh.

The government designed each of these hi-tech parks to provide state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure, and services to companies operating in various sectors. This includes ICT, software development, engineering, electronics, and biotechnology, etc. They will also offer various incentives, such as tax exemptions, reduced rent, and training programs, to attract more investors. Additionally, these hi-tech parks will be environmentally sustainable, with a focus on green energy and waste management. The Bangladesh government hopes that these hi-tech parks will attract domestic and foreign investment, generate employment, and create new business opportunities, thereby contributing to the country’s overall development.

The future prospects for Hi-Tech parks in Bangladesh are promising. The government is committed to creating a favorable environment for technology-based businesses, including tax incentives and investment opportunities. The country has a large pool of young and talented graduates in the IT sector, making it an attractive destination for technology companies. With the right policies and investments, Bangladesh has the potential to become a hub for technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific region.

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