Hult Prize Curtain Dropped At BUBT

Hult Prize Curtain Dropped At BUBT

Hult Prize at BUBT successfully organized the grand finale of the Hult Prize On-Campus Program 2023, where the winner is now one step closer to representing their idea on an international platform. This year’s theme was “Redesigning Fashion,” and the competition aimed to find an innovative and profitable solution to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

A total of 38 teams participated in this year’s on-campus program, and eventually, three of them made it to the Grand Finale. The event was held for the fifth time in the International Conference Hall of BUBT, and the organizing committee managed the whole event successfully from start to finish.

The esteemed presence of the honorable guests and judges made the event even more remarkable. The special guest was Prof. Dr. Md. Ali Noor, Pro Vice Chancellor of BUBT, and the guest of honor was the Vice Chancellor of BUBT, Professor Dr. Muhammed Fayyaz Khan. They both congratulated the finalists for their valuable ideas and motivated everyone to try to do something meaningful that could employ ten other employees.

The honorable judges of this year’s on-campus program enlightened all three teams with their valuable feedback and insights. The finalists kept the audience engrossed and interested throughout the event through their diverse range of ideas presented concisely.

The winner of the championship title “HULT PRIZE at BUBT 2023” and Tk 10,000 is “Team Believers” Their winning idea was the project called “SPROUT,” which is an eco-fashion brand that will produce clothing made from agricultural waste. This innovative and sustainable approach to fashion can help reduce waste and lower the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry. Now they will have the honor to represent the Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) at the regional summit to get into the accelerator program and then take their idea one step closer to winning the global reward of $1 million.

The Hult Prize competition is a valuable platform for students to gain tactical knowledge and efficacious experience while contributing to social entrepreneurship. Every year, the organizing committee of the Hult Prize at BUBT inspires more students to participate and acknowledges the importance of this competition. BUBT can reach more creative minds each year and pave the way for creating ideas that make a difference in the world.

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