IMA Organized ‘Clash Of Bizwords’ In IUB Premises

IMA Organized 'Clash Of Bizwords' In IUB Premises

Independent Marketers’ Association (IMA) hosts the inaugural Intra Business Debate Competition of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), titled ‘Clash of BizWords’. IMA is based on a philosophy that focuses on the students and uses marketing as a strategic focus. IMA aims to help IUB’s young people keep up with the marketing world, which is always changing. IMA brings together activities that will shape the campus culture and help marketing students learn in a way that is creative and fun. This is the place for dreamers to show off their talent and creativity and reach the best possible goal.

After a long break from the corona pandemic, IMA has devised an interesting concept of organizing an intra-debate competition where students will be able to increase their analytical ability and sharpen their thinking capabilities. Students from all over the university were eligible to participate in this debating fiesta, where they will take a deep dive and look into major business aspects of the ongoing world, and will indulge in vigorous debates to come up with the proper solutions to the problems. 

The day before the event was kicked off, IMA also organized a workshop where Ahmed Tousif Jami, WSDC Team Head Coach (Development) was present as a speaker.

The first day of the Intra University Business Debate Competition, “Clash of BizWords,” hosted by IMA, was a huge success. IUB’s youthful, gifted debaters have been swiftly elevating Bangladeshi debate on the international scene; it was high time for them to square off in their own backyard.

Introductory remarks were made by IUB’s Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Professor Dr. Mehrun Ahmed. This debate competition used the same format as the WSDC and took place on the premises of the IUB. There were 32 teams totaling 96 students who participated in the debate competition, representing a wide range of IUB departments. The fantastic performances of the debaters wowed the organizer and present guests. 

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