The Inspiring 17-Year Journey of Star Tech: Bringing Tech to Every Bangladeshi

The Inspiring 17-Year Journey of Star Tech Bringing Tech to Every Bangladeshi

In the heart of Dhaka’s bustling streets in 2007, four friends – MD. Rashed Ali Bhuyian, Mazharul Alam, Mahabub Alam Rakib, and Mohammad Jahed Ali Bhuyian – saw a big problem. People in Bangladesh struggled to find quality tech products and good customer service.

The existing computer shops focused more on selling popular branded PCs to businesses. There were no outlets specializing in custom-built gaming PCs or providing reliable service for non-branded “clone” computers. Many Bangladeshi gamers had to import high-end components from abroad to build their dream gaming rigs.

Determined to solve these issues, the four tech enthusiasts started Star Tech with a tiny 100-square-foot shop at Multiplan Center. From this humble beginning, they embarked on an epic journey to make quality tech accessible to every Bangladeshi.

The Early Struggles

The early days were extremely tough. Power shortages were frequent, with customers having to climb up to the 9th floor in the dark to reach Star Tech’s small shop. Multiplan Center was not known for selling computer parts either.

But the founders were fired up by their vision – to give Bangladeshi customers the best products, backed by exceptional service. This customer-first approach was ingrained into Star Tech’s DNA from day one.

To build trust, Star Tech initially targeted the niche but growing gaming community. They offered custom-built gaming PCs, components, and accessories, focusing on top-notch service and support. Customized PCs need more hand-holding compared to branded ones, a service gap Star Tech aimed to fill.

Star Tech

The founders’ bold bet paid off. Through word-of-mouth from satisfied gamers, Star Tech rapidly built a reputation as the go-to destination for gaming gear and reliable service.

Expansion and Going Nationwide

Buoyed by their initial success, Star Tech expanded its product range to include big international brands. To better serve customers across Bangladesh, they opened more branches – 19 in total now – in major cities like Dhaka, Gazipur, Chittagong, Rangpur, Khulna, and Rajshahi.

However, physical stores alone couldn’t satisfy rising demand from every corner of the country. Recognizing e-commerce as the future, Star Tech built a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website and mobile app from early on.

Today, their website gets over 100,000 visitors daily. Star Tech processes over 1,000 online orders per day, delivering tech products to doorsteps in even remote districts through robust supply chains and logistics. Customers can pay via mobile financial services, cards, or EMIs, with free home delivery.

Star tech

Corporate Wing and National Projects

While dominating consumer tech retail, Star Tech didn’t ignore the corporate segment. Their “Star Tech & Engineering Ltd” corporate wing has participated in major national projects:

  • Providing server and hardware support for the Metrorail’s Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system
  • The Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hospital Automation Project
  • Supporting the Bangladesh Armed Forces and educational institutions

With an elite vendor status, ISO certification and trusted brands like Lenovo, HP and Dell in their lineup, Star Tech became a preferred B2B partner for organizations across Bangladesh.

Distribution Dominance

In 2023, Star Tech launched their ambitious “Distribution Hub” venture to control the distribution of over 500 product categories from 30+ global tech brands like ESET, ASRock, Antec, Lenovo, and MSI.

With over 500 retail partners nationwide receiving stock from the Distribution Hub, on top of Star Tech’s own 19 outlets, they have cemented their position as Bangladesh’s definitive tech product distribution powerhouse.

Star Tech

e-Commerce Pivot During Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic was a major test for the company. But thanks to Star Tech’s investment in robust e-commerce capabilities from the start, they could nimbly shift their entire operations online with minimal disruption.

At the height of the lockdowns, Star Tech was processing 1,000 online orders daily while providing over 500 instances of email/call support per day to customers stuck at home. Their online-offline hybrid model kept the company running smoothly through the crisis.

Exceptional Service – The Key Differentiator

While an extensive product range and nationwide reach helped Star Tech dominate the market, their chief differentiator remains their unwavering commitment to exceptional service.

The company operates a dedicated RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) center to efficiently handle product returns and complaints. Their ISO 9001:2015 certification is proof of their focus on quality management across the organization.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) center

Star Tech’s zero-tolerance policy towards complaints underscores their cooperative approach – every grievance is taken seriously and resolved. This customer-centric culture has been their biggest competitive advantage, repeatedly earning customer trust and loyalty.

A Tech Enlightened Nation

From the spark of an ambitious dream in 2007, a blazing tech revolution has been ignited across Bangladesh by Star Tech’s 17 years of passionate work:

  • 19 retail branches employing over 900 staff
  • e-commerce capabilities serving every district
  • Distribution dominance of 500+ product categories
  • Corporate wing executing national tech projects
  • Building customer trust through unbeatable service

As they look to the future, Star Tech is gearing up to further expand their retail presence to every district headquarters. A new “Home Tech Service” is also being planned, to provide professional tech support at customer’s doorsteps in Dhaka and eventually nationwide.

With their zealous entrepreneurial spirit and customer-first commitment, the visionary founders of Star Tech have truly empowered an entire nation to embrace the transformative possibilities of technology over the past 17 years.

Star Tech

No matter how evolved the tech landscape becomes, this pioneering brand’s promise remains steadfast – to keep quality tech solutions accessible, affordable, and reliable for every Bangladeshi. Star Tech’s inspiring journey is a stirring reminder that bold dreams when fueled by perseverance and compassion, can ignite revolutions that enlighten and uplift society.

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