Interactive Cares Raises Investment & Support from Accelerating Asia

Dhaka-based educational technology startup, Interactive Cares, has announced its selection for the 9th Cohort of Accelerating Asia‘s premier accelerator program. In a significant development, Accelerating Asia is set to contribute $100,000 to Interactive Cares’ ongoing seed round within the program, with the potential for additional funding amounting to $250,000.

Standing out as the exclusive Bangladeshi representative in the latest Accelerating Asia cohort, Interactive Cares follows a line of Bangladeshi startups supported by the Singapore-based early-stage venture capital fund, including iFarmer, Shuttle, Zantrik, EduTechs, and WeGro.

For Interactive Cares, the infusion of funds from Accelerating Asia marks a pivotal achievement. The recently acquired capital will be allocated towards the introduction of an innovative AI-powered product and the expansion of the company’s service portfolio. Among the notable initiatives is the forthcoming launch of an updated version of the Career Paths program, promising guaranteed internships with foreign companies for Interactive Cares’ students. The startup is also actively engaged in forging collaborations with international tech firms to create job opportunities for skilled individuals in Bangladesh.

Interactive Cares, led by CEO and co-founder Rare Al Samir, expressed enthusiasm about joining Accelerating Asia Cohort-9, highlighting the invaluable benefits of the exclusive three-month training, mentorship, and extensive investor network, complemented by the financial backing.Interactive Cares, led by CEO and co-founder Rare Al Samir, is delighted to join Accelerating Asia Cohort-9. The company is eager to participate in the exclusive three-month training, mentorship, and extensive investor network, as well as the financial backing.

Previously securing $350,000 in a pre-seed round from investors such as Flagship Ventures, Blue Aura Ventures, SuperCharger Ventures, Vinner Ventures, Mohammad Maaz, and other strategic partners, the additional investment from Accelerating Asia further strengthens Interactive Cares’ foothold in Bangladesh’s dynamic ed-tech landscape.

Established in 2020 by Rare Al Samir and Jamila Bupasha Khushbu, Interactive Cares has rapidly emerged as a key player in Bangladesh’s ed-tech industry. Operating as a comprehensive virtual ed-tech platform, the company offers a diverse range of courses, career paths, and master classes designed to enhance employability. With over 115 courses currently available and the introduction of five to seven new courses monthly, Interactive Cares boasts a user base of more than 300,000 registered users, including over 100,000 paid users, with a substantial 70% repeat customer rate.

The company’s success extends to partnerships with over 100 companies actively recruiting its graduates. Furthermore, Interactive Cares maintains a specialized talent pool for placement in foreign tech companies, collaborating with entities in Singapore and Malaysia, facilitating the hiring of Bangladeshi talents for remote job roles.

With this latest investment and a steadfast commitment to pioneering learning solutions, Interactive Cares is poised to play a crucial role in driving the unfolding online ed-tech revolution in Bangladesh.

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