Internet Subscriptions Soar for Four Straight Month

Internet Subscriptions Soar for Four Straight Month

The number of internet subscribers in Bangladesh increased by 12 lakhs in May, recorded a significant increase from the previous month. The latest data from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) reveals that the total number of internet subscribers has now reached an impressive 12.76 crore.

The internet subscriber base in Bangladesh has grown for the fourth consecutive month since February, thanks to more people using mobile internet. Well, this is attributed to the increasing popularity of various digital services beyond social media, with the total number of mobile internet subscribers now standing at 11.55 crore. According to Shahed Alam, the Chief Corporate and Regulatory Officer at Robi Axiata Ltd, customers are now utilizing the internet for a wide range of digital services, including over-the-top media and gaming. In the past, mobile internet subscribers primarily relied on services like social media and YouTube, but now they are diversifying their digital experiences. Meanwhile the number of broadband internet subscribers in May, remained unchanged at 120 million, according to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). So, in May, the increase in mobile internet subscribers are considered the sole contributors to the internet subscription growth. 

Moreover, the BTRC releases information on broadband subscribers every quarter, making it difficult to determine specific monthly changes. Inspite the fact, that ISP saw a positive trend in May. 

Besides the internet subscription growth, disparities in internet access between rural and urban areas and a notable gender digital divide is evident. According to the Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics, a project conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 41 percent of individuals aged above five in the country are internet users. Among the internet users, only 37.1 percent come from rural villages, emphasizing the persistent digital divide between rural and urban regions. While urban areas enjoy better infrastructure and connectivity, experts point out that rural villages face limitations such as inadequate broadband coverage and a lack of technological resources. And as fas as the the continuation of this gender gap goes, the Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics, published last month, reveals that among internet users in Bangladesh, 47 percent are men, while 34 percent are women.

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