The Number of Internet Users Rose Up to 12.48 Crore in March

The Number of Internet Users Rose Up to 12.48 Crore in March

In March, there was a surge in internet users, with roughly 21 lakh more people online than the previous month. With the improved Covid-19 situation, more individuals are adopting mobile data and broadband services for educational, recreational, and professional purposes.

There were nearly 21 lakh more internet users in March than in February. Of which, the number of broadband users in Bangladesh rose by 8 lakh and reached 1.09 crore. At the same time, mobile internet users increased by 13 lakh and rose to 11.39 crore. There was already significant growth in broadband and mobile internet services when the Covid-19 situation started to rise in 2020. Since February of 2020, mobile network operators have gained around 1.8 million core internet customers, while broadband connections have nearly doubled. Consequently, last year the country’s top 3 biggest mobile operating networks bought 27.4 megahertz of spectrum for $885.35 million to reduce pressure on their overburdened networks. According to Mohammed Shahedul Alam, the chief corporate and regulatory officer at Robi, in March, the operators paid $1.23 billion for additional 190 megahertz of spectrum, to expand their network even more..

This year, mobile operators secured 25 lakh new members, from February to March. The country’s largest mobile operator, Grameenphone’s overall number of mobile phone users climbed 3.85% year on year from 8.07 crore to 8.38 crore in March, with seven lakh new customers in that same month. Meanwhile, Robi Axiata, the second-largest operator’s customer base, expanded by 4.1 percent year over year, from 5.19 crore in 2020 to 5.37 crore in March. They also gained three lakh new users. Taking third place, Banglalink increased its client base by around 5% year on year to 3.80 crores. Even Teletalk’s client base increased by 22.50 percent year on year in March to 68.9 lakh, with roughly 10,000 new consumers added that month.

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