JCI Dhaka Founders to Host Career Connect Expo, A Revolutionary Job Fair

JCI Dhaka Founders to Host Career Connect Expo, A Revolutionary Job Fair

The upcoming Career Connect Expo 2023 is poised to overhaul traditional hiring practices by harnessing new technologies and techniques. Hosted by JCI Dhaka Founders on August 29-30, the pioneering event represents a bold step forward for recruitment in Bangladesh. The 2-day fair will be held at United International University in Dhaka.

From established corporations to emerging startups, hiring challenges plague employers across industries. Despite changing times, many still use antiquated methods like job ads in newspapers and unfiltered stacks of resumes. This old-fashioned approach wastes resources and overlooks qualified candidates.

The Career Connect Expo offers solutions by connecting employers with elite job seekers in an efficient, targeted manner. Instead of culling through hundreds of CVs, companies can zero in on matched applicants using an online platform.

The event hosts an impressive slate of over 100 esteemed companies with 500+ openings across industries. Shortlisted candidates who pass initial screenings will be invited to attend the expo in-person for interviews. However, the entire process from sourcing to selection will remain digital, enabling data-driven decisions.

According to M Asif Rahman, local president of JCI Dhaka Founders and organizer of the expo, “The hiring requirements have evolved rapidly, but many founders or HR teams are still stuck in the past. We need to leverage technology to make recruiting seamless for businesses while unlocking more opportunities for job seekers.”

The expo will also feature insightful workshops for employers and applicants. HR leaders from top companies will share modern techniques to attract and retain top talent. Meanwhile, career coaches will provide job seekers with tips to polish their resumes, ace interviews, and highlight transferable skills.

The entire hiring process will be done online, using the portals of BD Jobs and EasyJobs. Applicants can apply through their existing BD Jobs profile. Employers can use their state-of-the-art hiring tools to go through applicants’ resumes and shortlist them. 

Meanwhile, through the EasyJobs portal (developed by WPDeveloper), companies can automate repetitive recruitment tasks like scheduling interviews and checking candidate backgrounds. EasyJobs uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to match candidates with suitable jobs based on their skills, experience, and preferences. 

Both these portals will be provided free of cost to optimize efficiency.

“We are bringing together the brightest minds in the industry to help push recruiting into the 21st century. Both businesses and applicants will benefit tremendously from embracing these innovations,” added M Asif Rahman.

With forward-thinking platforms, workshops, and connections, the Career Connect Expo aims to revolutionize hiring across sectors. Inefficient, old-fashioned methods will give way to data-driven, career-focused strategies.

The expo promises to shake up the labor market and has already generated buzz across Dhaka’s business circles. More details are available on the expo’s Facebook event page, but seats are filling up fast. Employers and job seekers alike are eager to leverage these cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

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