Journey and Operation of Eduman: How Are They Digitizing The Education Sector?

How Eduman Digitizing Education Sector

The arrival of EdTech in Bangladesh has brought significant changes in the country’s education system. However, the most important part of the education system  – schools and colleges are lagging behind in full-fledged digitization in many cases. Although there are several software and services to digitize Bangladesh’s institutional education system, the adoption of these softwares is not significant. Eduman is providing student information system and institute management system software in the software as a service (SAAS) model to increase the use of such software in the education system. Currently, more than 5000 educational institutions in the country are using Eduman software. Besides, the software has served more than 30 lakh students and parent users so far. In 2020, Eduman won the Basis National ICT award for its contribution to the education sector in Bangladesh. As a backend platform for the education industry, Eduman plans to develop into a full-fledged EdTech platform very soon.


Eduman’s journey started with two young entrepreneurs – Abdur Rahman Mamun, CEO, and Raihan Nobel, Managing Director. Abdur Rahman Mamun obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in CSE from London Metropolitan University in 2011. Later he was introduced to another entrepreneur and business enthusiast Raihan Nobel through a friend. 

Together, they started visiting various educational institutions with a passion for doing something in the educational section. While visiting, they wanted to understand what are the things that hinder a teacher in teaching and are those issues can be solved or not. But, being young entrepreneurs, the teachers were not very interested in cooperating with them. However, during the research phase, they visited numerous educational institutes and observed that teachers are required to spend most of their working day on clerical tasks like taking attendance of students, preparing mark sheets, making academic notices, withdrawing salaries, and performing admission procedures. As a result, teaching time in the classroom decreases. Apart from this, guardians also face several problems in tracking their children’s progress and paying their fees. Taking these issues into consideration, Mamun and Nobel decided to solve such problems of educational institutions and parents through a school-college management system. Thus, teachers can devote more time to teaching than other tasks and parents can be aware of their child’s educational growth on time. 

In 2018, Eduman tied up with the country’s largest mobile banking firm, bKash, so that parents can easily pay their children’s school, college, and other fees online without any hassle. Later, the company partnered with Bangladesh’s largest payment gateway company, SSLCOMMERZ to make the fee payment system more flexible. In Addition, Eduman entered into a partnership with Guardian Life Insurance in 2020 to enable students to continue their studies even in the absence of their parents. Currently, Eduman software is serving more than 5000 institutes, 60,000 teachers, and 30 lakh students and parents. According to the company, so far Eduman has been able to gain the highest sales and reputation among the companies dealing with the education management system in Bangladesh and has been continuously increasing the quality of their products and services.

Current Operation

Eduman is mainly working in two segments – the student information system and the institute management system. With the help of this software, apart from creating personalized profiles of students, all kinds of academic information also can be stored. Moreover, institutions can also store their official information and access them whenever in need. Besides, Eduman offers fees and accounts management facilities. As a result, with the help of payment gateways like bKash, Nagad, and SSLCOMMERZ, the school authorities can easily get various payment settlements, and parents can also pay their salaries and other fees without any hassle. Apart from these features, Eduman’s smart routine management feature allows teachers to schedule classes at their convenience and notify students accordingly. Also, Eduman has exam management software where teachers can manage exam papers and marks conveniently. Besides, there are automated messages that can easily notify students, parents, and teachers about attendance, meetings, fee payment, exam results, and even birthday wishes too.

Future Plan

Currently, Eduman is working towards making its platform a complete 360-degree service platform for education technology. Apart from this, Eduman is planning to serve the nation as a smart support system for the successful implementation of the newly approved National Curriculum Framework, starting from education system management. Also, Eduman is working to launch its mobile app in January 2023. So, apart from institutional lessons, students can enjoy the courses and contents available on the platform from any part of the country. 

In the future, Eduman officials are planning to open up some features of their product in a freemium model to more than 10,000 schools in the country. By doing this, users can experience the service and enjoy its benefits at a basic level. In addition, to comply with the new education policy, Eduman is planning to provide training to 5000 selected teachers to create content efficiently.

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