The Journey & Operation of Newness

The Journey & Operation of Newness

The Newness e-commerce platform offers luxury fashion and lifestyle products to customers all over the world, starting from Bangladesh to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE in the Middle East. On this platform, there are more than 1000 domestic and foreign brands offering 250,000 fashionable and trendy lifestyle products for men, women, and kids. In addition, there are various electronic accessories such as mobile phones, laptops, and cameras. Additionally, the platform processes over 500 orders per day and over 15,000 orders per month in its Saudi Arabian operations. Currently, Newness has more than 1 million users worldwide.

The Journey of Newness

Niaz Morshed, founder and CEO of Newness, was born into a noble family in Comilla. He shifted to Bahrain in the Middle East in 2016 to build his career after completing his high school studies. There, he initially joined a restaurant working 14-hour shifts as a waiter. But Niaz Morshed could not concentrate on such work at all. Then, he planned to use his creativity to do something different.

Niaz Morshed, the founder and CEO of Newness, was born into a noble family in Comilla.

After realizing the growth of F-commerce around the world, Niaz Morshed borrowed 200 Bahraini dinars, or about BDT 40 thousand, from acquaintances to establish an F-commerce based in Bahrain. Initially, F-commerce grew well, but later due to increasing competition, Niaz Morshed decided to stop all F-commerce activities and set up a new F-commerce targeting the fashion and lifestyle-based product segment. In view of that, in December 2018, he established another F-commerce called SHOPHINE with 11 employees for customer relations and order collection.

In addition to this, he enrolled in the English Department of South East University that year to complete his graduation. Later, in 2020, SHOPHINE expanded its operations to Saudi Arabia. However, despite the adverse effects of the Corona pandemic on everything since that year, online business has shown significant growth. With the intention of working with the world’s biggest fashion and luxury brands, Niaz Morshed entrusted the mobile app development of NEWNESS to an Indian software company. Although the app was supposed to be delivered within 6 months, Niaz Morshed decided to develop it himself. This was when the software company failed to deliver it after more than a year and a half. Meanwhile, in October 2020, Neaj Morshed was able to get his business license in the UAE under the name of Newness Fashion LLC.

On the other hand, Niaz Morshed continued to work with his cousin Faisal Shakeel to expand his business in Bangladesh. In January 2021, with the help of Faisal Sakil, the Bangladesh operation of Newnes Fashion Limited was started with an office in Dhaka’s Nikunja area. Currently, the Head of Operations in Bangladesh is Faisal Sakil, who is working to make Newness a trusted platform for online shopping. On the other hand, Mariam Nusrat, a citizen of Bahrain is the current Deputy CEO of Newness Fashion Ltd.

Current Operation

Newness is a fashion and lifestyle product-based e-commerce platform that has its operations in 4 countries of the world namely – the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh. In 2017, Newnes started its operation with 1 to 2 orders per day. But, currently, 1,200 to 1,500 orders are received daily from 4 countries, due to which the number of orders increases to 35,000 to 40,000 per month.

Currently, Newness receives 1,200–1,500 orders per day from 4 countries, resulting in an increase in orders of 35,000–40,000 each month.

With the tagline “Shape Up Your Personality”, the platform targets the young generation to bring out their unique personalities through fashionable clothing and accessories. In essence, Newness offers an array of fashion wearables and accessories from renowned luxury brands for women, men, and children, such as clothes, shoes, and watches. Apart from the lifestyle segment, the Newness platform also has mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and a variety of electronic accessories available.

From these products, customers can order and pay with credit cards or other payment methods at their convenience, including cash on delivery. In addition, to ensure hassle-free and cashless payment transactions for customers in Bangladesh Newness is also integrated with SSLCommerz, the country’s largest payment gateway. Even, through integration with Newness’s payment gateway Tabi, customers can purchase products on EMI with zero interest.

On top of this, Newness provides 24/7 customer service by live chat, e-mail, and telephone to provide real-time solutions to any problem. Keeping in mind the convenience of customers, a unique feature called “Newcard” has been added to the platform, allowing customers to earn reward points through the shopping of their choice and gifting to their loved ones. In addition to these benefits, Newness offers luxury and lifestyle products, allowing customers to split payments with family and friends to make purchasing easier. In addition to the website, Newness’s app is currently available on both the IOS and Android platforms.

The Newness app is currently available on both the IOS and Android operating systems in addition to the website.

Future Plan

As part of future plans, Newness is working to extend its operations to 5 more countries in the next 5 years. Besides, within the next 15 years, Newness has targeted to create employment for at least 1 lakh people through its platform.

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