The Journey Of Sheraspace: Revolutionizing The Interior Design Industry

The Journey Of Sheraspace Revolutionizing The Interior Design Industry

The interior design market in Bangladesh has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent times. In the past, interior design was often seen as a luxury reserved exclusively for the wealthy, but things are changing. Now, middle-class individuals are finding it increasingly easier to access interior design services, thanks to innovative platforms like Sheraspace. These platforms are playing a crucial role in democratizing interior design in the country.

Sheraspace is a truly groundbreaking interior design platform that aims to revolutionize the industry in Bangladesh. Its mission is to make interior design accessible to the middle-class population, who were previously left out of the equation. In the past, the process of interior design was considered both time-consuming and costly, making it seem like an unattainable dream for many middle-class individuals. However, with the advent of online interior design consultations and affordable pricing options, the scenario has shifted.


Sheraspace is an interior design platform that prioritizes technology and aims to address the issue of limited access to interior design services for the middle-class population of Bangladesh, which consists of approximately 40 million people. Traditionally, interior design in Bangladesh has been seen as a luxury reserved for the wealthy elite. The prevailing belief is that interior design demands significant amounts of time, effort, and financial resources, making it appear unattainable for the majority of the middle-class population. Sheraspace challenges this perception head-on.

The Journey Of Sheraspace

Recognizing that interior design should be accessible to all, not just a privileged few, Sheraspace has embarked on a mission to democratize interior design in Bangladesh. They have introduced a groundbreaking service called Online Interior Design Consultation. This service connects clients with professional interior designers who create personalized design plans based on the client’s specific requirements. The design plans include mood board visualizations, 2D and 3D sketches, furniture arrangements, and overall themes and color palettes for the space. The remarkable aspect is that clients can receive these design plans online, from the comfort of their own homes, starting at a price of 2,800 BDT per room. Sheraspace’s initiative ensures that affordable interior design services are now accessible to Bangladeshi consumers, breaking down barriers and making it available at an affordable price point

Sheraspace's packages

Founding Story

After completing her Master’s at University College London, Sarjeena Maodud, the Co-founder and CEO of Sheraspace, returned to her hometown of Dhaka in 2017. She was in search of innovative opportunities across various industries when she unexpectedly found herself immersed in the world of interior design. It all started with a home renovation project for her new residence in Dhaka. Like any consumer, Sarjeena desired beautiful interiors for her home. However, her experience turned out to be disorganized and unpleasant. A year later, at the end of the interior project, she realized that no matter how much time, effort, and money one invests in the interior design process, there’s no guarantee of a satisfactory outcome.

Driven by curiosity and a determination to find a solution, Sarjeena delved deeper into the interior design industry. She teamed up with Nizam Farid Ahmed, the Co-founder, and COO of Sheraspace, to embark on a journey to revolutionize the field. Their goal was to create a tech-driven platform to address the efficiency, transparency, and quality needs of the interior design industry. This led to the birth of Sheraspace in 2019.

Sarjeena  founder

Milestone & Challenges

One year into its operations, Sheraspace, like many other companies, faced the impact of the pandemic that was disrupting businesses worldwide. With movement restrictions in place, the company, which previously relied on offline interior installation, found itself completely halted. This sudden halt meant a complete closure of all revenue streams, with no foreseeable improvement in the situation.

Amidst this critical challenge that threatened the survival of Sheraspace, a significant realization occurred: “If the physical interior design was not possible, why not offer it virtually?” This idea took root in the mind of CEO Sarjeena Maodud and became the turning point for Sheraspace—a pivot in the world of startups. This pivot allowed the company to cater to a new segment of customers: the middle class, who, despite their aspirations, lacked access to affordable, timely, and hassle-free interior design services that fit their budgets and busy lives.

Thus, the concept of Online Interior Design Consultation was born, enabling people in Bangladesh to design their homes from the comfort of their own homes for the first time ever. This service provided an affordable and accessible solution that allowed customers to bring their design visions to life—an opportunity that was previously limited to their Pinterest boards or lifestyle magazines. With Online Interior Design Consultation, consumers now have a swift and affordable means to achieve the interiors they had only dreamed of before.

Services Of Sheraspace

Sheraspace offers a range of services to cater to its customers’ interior design needs. These services can be divided into three main categories:

Online Interior Design Consultation

When a customer contacts Sheraspace, whether it’s by booking an appointment on their website, calling the hotline, or chatting with a representative on social media, the team engages in an online consultation. During this consultation, they take time to understand the customer’s requirements, gather relevant information, and log their needs into their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Project Management software. Based on the customer’s specific requirements, the best-fit designer creates a unique Design Plan. The Design Plan is then presented to the client through a live video call, where any queries they may have are also addressed. This entire process, from capturing the requirements to delivering the design, typically takes only a week to complete.

Online Interior Design Consultation

Commercial Design Consultation

In addition to Sheraspace’s Online Interior Design Consultations for residential spaces, they also offer Commercial Design Consultations. These consultations are specifically tailored to meet the needs of start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that often face budget constraints. Their goal is to provide affordable design solutions that cater to their commercial space requirements.

Commercial Design Consultation

Interior Execution

Aside from Sheraspace’s design-focused consultations, Sheraspace provides comprehensive end-to-end interior design solutions. They take care of all aspects of the customer’s installation and space makeover needs. This includes handling fittings work, creating custom furniture, managing projects, and fulfilling product sourcing requirements. With their Interior Execution service, customers can rely on Sheraspace to transform their spaces according to their desired design aesthetic and functionality.

At Sheraspace, they deliver efficient and personalized interior design services to clients. Whether it’s through online consultations, commercial design solutions, or complete interior execution, Sheraspace strives to meet customers’ needs and create spaces that they truly love.

Interior Execution

Sheraspace Achievements

Transforming interior design from a luxury to an accessible service requires initiatives that educate and raise awareness among customers, leading to a shift in mindset. The ultimate measure of a product or service’s success often lies in the testimonials of its customers.

One particular moment in Sheraspace’s journey towards democratizing interior design stands out as a powerful endorsement of its mission. It involved a woman from Rajshahi who, with some apprehension, reached out to the Sheraspace hotline to inquire about their Online Interior Design Consultation. Living in a humble tin-shed house, she was unsure if a company based in Dhaka would be willing to design the interiors of her modest living space. The Sheraspace team, sharing this story with Business Inspection BD, expressed their joy in accepting her request and recognized it as a significant milestone in their journey. To have someone living in a tin-shed house believe that professional interior design services were within her reach exemplifies the true democratization of interior design facilitated by Sheraspace.

With a portfolio of over 4,000 designed spaces, Sheraspace has made an impact in Bangladesh and also served clients internationally in the UK, Canada, and the United States. The absence of physical boundaries has enabled the company to provide its virtual services beyond Bangladesh. Their accomplishments have garnered attention from major news outlets in the country, and they recently also presented themselves as an innovative Bangladeshi startup at the University of Cambridge’s business school.

Sheraspace Achievements

Future Plan

Sheraspace has a clear vision for its future, driven by a growing target market and a unique solution that perfectly aligns with the needs of the market. The company’s mission is to democratize interior design in Bangladesh, making it accessible to everyone.

Currently, Sheraspace is dedicated to expanding its highly sought-after services while ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at the forefront. The company recognizes the increasing significance of automation and artificial intelligence in business operations and has devised plans to harness these emerging technologies. By leveraging state-of-the-art tools, Sheraspace aims to empower its designers, enabling them to deliver their services more efficiently and effectively.

Through their unwavering commitment, Sheraspace strives to transform every space they design into a true “shera” space. This ambitious goal reflects their dedication to creating interior designs that are inclusive and accessible to all.

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