KUET Hult Prize 2023-24 Accelerates Social Innovation Among Engineering Students

The prestigious Hult Prize competition has sparked a wave of innovation across Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET), as students address global challenges for a chance to win $1 million in seed funding. Now in its third year on campus, the 2023-24 Hult Prize at KUET has drawn record engagement under the leadership of director Tanjum Tahsin Hossain.

Over 150 students registered for this year’s contest centered on the theme of sustainable development. The registration drive featured vibrant on-campus booths providing event details and guiding registrations. Participants also attended enriching online workshops and webinars led by former Hult Prize winners to gain entrepreneurial insights.

A team of 30 dedicated volunteers was selectively chosen to organize and promote the multi-stage competition. The abstract submission round yielded KUET’s semi-finalists, now competing in offline events judged by industry experts. Sponsors like Moner School and media partners such as The Business Standard have backed the initiative.

The grand finale scheduled for February 29th will showcase the finalists’ solutions for tackling real-world issues aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The winners will represent KUET at the upcoming regional finals, vying for the ultimate $1 million investment prize to launch their socially conscious startup.

Beyond the competition, the enterprising spirit of KUET’s Hult Prize participants reflects a broader movement of youth-led innovation for global good. Director Tahsin envisions the students’ ideas transforming communities worldwide by enabling social and economic empowerment. As the next generation of changemakers, these students exemplify how youth creativity and passion can drive positive change when matched with the proper resources and platform.

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