LegalX: The First Ever Digital Legal Service Platform In Bangladesh

LegalX The First Ever Digital Legal Service Platform In Bangladesh

LegalX, a startup based in Bangladesh that specializes in legal technology, was founded in 2018 by Muiz Shahabuddin and Maliha Rahham with the aim of improving the accessibility and affordability of legal services. Since then, the company has provided legal services to over 200 clients and responded to more than 10,000 legal inquiries till date.

LegalX is also set to launch a web platform in the near future that will aid in the digitization of the legal industry. This platform will enable clients to access legal services online, making them more convenient and approachable.

The company’s innovative approach to legal services has earned it the BASIS National ICT Award in both 2020 and 2022. LegalX believes that by providing affordable and accessible legal services, people will become more aware of their legal rights and better equipped to defend them.

The Value Proposition Of LegalX

Legal issues can be complex and challenging to navigate, particularly for individuals who lack access to reliable information, time, or financial resources to engage legal professionals. In Bangladesh, this problem is particularly severe, with 31 million people facing legal challenges each year, and most issues remaining unresolved. However, LegalX, an online portal founded by two young law students, Muiz Shahab Uddin and Maliha Rahham, aims to revolutionize the legal industry in Bangladesh by becoming the go-to platform for legal queries and information.

LegalX offers a range of legal services, including answering legal queries, drafting contracts, informing about rights, and finding lawyers, with the aim of making legal aid accessible and affordable for all. Users can sign up on the LegalX web portal by paying daily, weekly, or monthly fees starting from only BDT 100. Once registered, legal professionals answer questions within 24 hours, and users can also find and book appointments with lawyers or advocates directly using the platform. LegalX has resolved more than 10,000 queries for free, served 150+ corporate clients, and grown from two to a team of around 20 over the past four years.

LegalX faced serious backlash in its early days from people in the legal fraternity who believed that online services in this sector should not be allowed. Even family and friends discouraged Muiz and Maliha from pursuing their vision, stating that such a platform would not take off in Bangladesh. However, over time, LegalX has been able to change mindsets and gain recognition for its work, with the company winning the BASIS National ICT Awards twice in the Legal and HR category and the Women Entrepreneur in Inclusion and Community Services category.

Muiz and Maliha, along with four other founding members – Fahim Abrar Alam, Syed Joheb Hassan, Promit Karmaker, and Fabiha Nawar Chowdhury – established LegalX during their third year of their university. They are bootstrapped till date, but some good friends and family supported them on their journey. Ziaul Hassan is currently serving as the advisor and board member of LegalX. With their vision in mind, LegalX is launching its web platform in May 2023, with lawyers and advocates actively working to serve general customers as well as corporate clients. LegalX plans to set up customer care kiosks in various regional points across Bangladesh to reach people in suburbs and second-tier cities.

LegalX’s goal is to reach as many people as possible, particularly middle to lower-middle-class individuals who struggle to access and afford legal services in Bangladesh. By bridging the gap between technology and legal services, LegalX can make a significant impact on the lives of people and society at large. While many traditional sectors like education, health, and finance have seen the integration of technology to better serve consumers, the legal service industry is yet to see any such disruption. Startups like LegalX can change this narrative and make legal services easily accessible to all.

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