Matin Mahbubul: A Visionary Leader Changing Bangladesh’s Tech Industry

Matin Mahbubul A Visionary Leader Changing Bangladesh’s Tech Industry

Bangladesh boasts impressive statistics when it comes to its prosperity. Despite facing economic fluctuations, natural disasters, and socio-economic difficulties, the country has achieved its highest GDP per capita to date. This impressive feat has even caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal’s Hong Kong-based reporter, Mike Bird, who referred to Bangladesh as the “economic bull” of South Asia, matching its development stages to South Korea, China and Vietnam. One of the key industries driving the country’s economic development is technology, and Dotline, a technology-based company operating in Bangladesh, has gained significant recognition for its success. Formerly known as Dotline Initiatives, the company offers a range of services across various business sectors, including logistics, fintech, lifestyle, security, empowerment, artificial intelligence, payments, infotainment, and e-learning. These ventures are all centered on the foundation of Dotline Initiatives and are led by its founder and CEO, Matin Mahbubul.

With a background in economics and business, and previous experience as an investment banker, Mr. Matin has been able to establish a successful technology business empire in Bangladesh, significantly contributing to the growth and advancement of the country in the era of information technology.

Early Life

Matin Mahbubul has a wealth of education and experience in the fields of business, economics, and political science. He earned his undergraduate degree in business from the University of Hong Kong, followed by an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration in Dhaka. He went on to complete additional graduate studies in economics and business at Delhi University, as well as political science at the London School of Economics.

Mr. Mahbubul began his professional career in 1999 as an assistant manager at Vanik Bangladesh Ltd, where he oversaw various aspects of the company’s operations, including marketing, credit evaluation, and product development. He later took on a senior role at Prime Finance & Investment Limited, where he gained expertise in areas such as IPO management, strategic planning, and project financing. During his time there, he also gained valuable experience in financial feasibility analysis of major projects, including hotels and schools.

In June 2002, Mr. Mahbubul joined Financial Systems Solutions Limited as Chief Operating Officer, where he was responsible for driving business process reengineering and automating the company’s operations. He later served as a consultant for Prime Financial Systems Solutions Limited and eventually became the Director of OneTel Communications.


Matin Mahbubul embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2005 with the foundation of Systems Solution & Development Technologies Limited, also known as SSD-Tech, and this is where Doitline initiatives started. His ventures, under the umbrella of Dotlines, encompass a wide range of industries, yet they are all intricately connected within an ecosystem. One notable subsidiary is Carnival Internet, which has successfully bridged the digital divide by providing internet access to over 140,000 families and 550,000 rural individuals. Audra, another Dotlines venture, is the first of its kind DIY internet security solution in Asia. Additionally, Dotlines has ventures such as Ghoori Learning and eCourier, which cater to online-to-offline logistics services, and payment services like EasyPayWay, FosterPayments, and Sohoj to support individuals in developing skills through the Internet. Further ventures such as Carnival Assure digitize insurance and microfinance, and BanglaCut offers lifestyle services in Bangladesh. Beyond Bangladesh, Dotlines operates businesses in multiple countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Myanmar.

Businesses Under Dotline’s Umbrella

  • Platforms
    • SSD-TECH
  • Empowerment
    • Ruti Ruji
    • Lattu
  • Lifestyle
    • iCarnval
    • Bangla Cut
  • Connectivity & Security
    • Carnival Internet
    • Audra
  • Learning
    • Ghoori Learning
    • Mindcurrant
  • Logistics
    • eCourier
    • Carnival Point
  • Fintech
    • Carnival Assure
  • Infotainment
    • Dotquiz
    • Dotgames
    • BEAT my game
  • Payment
    • Foster Payment
    • Ghoori
    • Sohoj
  • AI Powered RPA
    • Boomcast
    • Linking Loop
    • Pulse
    • Natai
Matin Mahbubul A Visionary Leader Changing Bangladesh’s Tech Industry

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