Mokam has Rewarded Outstanding Contributors

Mokam, an initiative of local startup Shop Up, held a vibrant event called ‘Mokam Poribarmela’ to recognize its dozens of contributors for their outstanding success. This award ceremony was held at Gulshan’s Spectra Convention Center on January 27th, 2022. Up until now, Shop Up, the largest B2B platform in Bangladesh, has raised USD 110 million in investments.

Currently, Mokam is operating its continuous product supply in more than 60 countries of Bangladesh. According to the press release, the dedicated employees of this B2B e-commerce platform won this recognition based on their ability to deliver the desired product at the store’s doorstep regardless of natural disasters or lockdowns. Global Economics also recognizes Mokam as one of the fastest-growing B2B e-commerce platforms.

The retailers, wholesalers, and Mokam Partners of Dhaka were given attractive prizes, such as a Yamaha FZ, three Yamaha Saluto, two 110 cc and 150 cc bikes, two iPhone 13, five Dhaka-to-Nepal tour packages, five 5G smartphones, eleven 4G smartphones, dinner at a 5-star hotel, and prize bonds. Muhammad Shumon Ahmed, a stakeholder of Mokam’s in Mirpur, said, ‘After starting a business with Mokam, I am more profitable than before. Wishing Mokam continued success in the future. Such an arrangement will inspire us to do business in a better way’.

There are more than 4.5 million grocery stores in the retail market of Bangladesh, of which almost 72% of retailers sell their products on credit, while only 27.5 percent of them have access to loan facilities. As a result, most of the rest have to deal with various problems running their daily business activities. To solve this problem, Shop Up expanded its operation and introduced its B2B platform Mokam in December 2019. 

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