MommyKidz: A Dear Solution To Pregnancy, Postpartum And Parenthood

Annually, more than 3.5 million women and parents embark on the journey of parenthood. However, Bangladesh presents distressing statistics on maternal health. For every 100,000 live births, there are 196 maternal deaths, a deeply troubling situation. Furthermore, the infant mortality rate stands at an alarming 21.556 deaths per 1,000 live births.

This underscores a significant gap in delivering crucial information and support to expectant mothers and parents. They do not possess sufficient knowledge to track their pregnancy and child development, thereby increasing preventable maternal and child death rates in Bangladesh. Moreover, women face challenges in finding spaces where they can express their feelings without judgment. More than 39% of them suffer from postpartum depression and related mental health issues, yet they do not have an appropriate platform to share their experiences.

Similarly, parents struggle with an overload of advice, resulting in confusion and fatigue. Those who are raising children with special needs confront additional challenges, including isolation and a lack of societal and familial support. To urgently address these problems, MommyKidz has stepped forward with comprehensive support systems and awareness initiatives to protect the well-being of mothers, parents, and their children.


MommyKidz, established by Nishat Anjum Palka and Shakor Ahmed, is an innovative enterprise. It functions as a comprehensive support system for mothers and parents navigating the complexities of pregnancy and child-rearing. The platform, more than merely an application, comprehends the challenges during this period. It serves as a holistic community and a supportive environment for individuals.

Recognizing the alarming statistics that reflect the difficulties faced in Bangladesh and globally, MommyKidz operates as a crucial resource center. The platform tackles the significant absence of reliable information, emotional support, and guidance for expectant mothers and parents. It presents a revolutionary combination of advanced technology and empathetic design, providing access to a vast storehouse of educational content, a nurturing community, and essential tools for monitoring pregnancy, childbirth, and child development.

This initiative is not merely a business venture; it is a passion project. It is fueled by a sincere desire to simplify the journey for parents and decrease maternal and child mortality rates. MommyKidz has taken the initiative to bridge this gap, offering a secure and supportive environment where parents can share, learn, and develop together. The goal is to ensure a healthier and more informed parenthood experience for families worldwide, ultimately becoming a global pillar of support and empowerment.

Journey Of MommyKidz

The MommyKidz journey is a captivating story, fueled by empathy and commitment. Nishat Anjum Palka and Shakor Ahmed founded this initiative with the goal of transforming parenting support.

This project originated from a deeply personal place, grounded in the co-founders’ struggles and needs during their transition to parenthood. Their own experiences shaped this venture.

Their time as expectant parents revealed a concerning absence of accessible, accurate information, resources, and emotional support for mothers and parents. As a result, they created MommyKidz, a platform designed to bring together all vital aspects of pregnancy and parenting in an easy-to-use, unified platform.


The journey began with thorough research and sincere discussions with potential users, honing their services based on the actual needs and difficulties encountered. The objective was to establish a nurturing, comprehensive environment. This environment provides educational content and cultivates a supportive community. It also offers tools to track crucial stages of pregnancy and child development.

Motivated by the desire to save lives, alleviate the struggles experienced by parents, and reduce the distressing maternal and child mortality rates, MommyKidz emerged as an all-encompassing, technology-driven yet heart-focused project. It is a journey that continues to progress, striving to become a worldwide beacon of comfort, support, and knowledge for parents navigating the beautiful yet intricate journey of raising children.


The operational process of MommyKidz is in line with its primary mission: to offer accessible, supportive, and educational resources for expecting and new parents. The platform has been carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of its users.

Everything starts with a focus on the user, understanding the changing needs of parents. Thorough market research enables the platform to constantly improve its services. The process of creating content involves a team of experts who curate educational articles, provide guidance, and develop tools essential for tracking key stages of pregnancy and child development.


The technological infrastructure of MommyKidz underpins its varied features, ranging from self-care tools for mothers to comprehensive baby growth tracking. This technological advancement includes a fetal monitor, health profiles, ovulation trackers, and menstrual cycle reminders. These instruments are specifically engineered to support parents during the initial years of a child’s upbringing.

Presently, as part of their operations, MommyKidz is linked to 40,000 families. They also maintain a health team that addresses nearly 500 user inquiries daily, and to date, they have responded to over 146,000 health-related questions. Additionally, they possess an extensive knowledge base library that assists women in gaining insights about their sexual and reproductive health as well as child care.

MommyKidz Services

MommyKidz provides empathetic support to parents and expectant mothers, offering a plethora of essential services to assist them during pregnancy and early parenthood.

The MommyKidz app contains more than 2,000 educational resources. Each one delivers crucial information, fostering a supportive environment. This platform serves as a sanctuary where inquiries can be posed anonymously and promptly addressed by committed healthcare professionals for a nominal fee of $1.

The mission is clear: to aid parents in navigating their most cherished journey. MommyKidz acts as a gentle guide, a digital companion prepared to accompany you through every exhilarating and daunting moment of parenthood.


Future Plan

MommyKidz harbors a bold vision for its future, aimed at broadening its influence and improving its services to make a substantial worldwide impact on the parenting and motherhood journey.

Immediate goals encompass enhancing the platform with additional educational content. This includes creating parenting courses and presenting specific guidelines for parents of children with special needs. This immediate objective concentrates on refining and enlarging the platform’s existing service range to meet the evolving requirements of its users.

Looking forward, MommyKidz is keen to broaden its influence globally. In the coming five years, the platform aims to be accessible in a minimum of ten countries. The growth plan involves launching AI-powered features for instant aid in maternal and infant emergency situations. The platform is committed to strategic expansion, with the goal of cultivating a global community. This guarantees extensive support for maternal and child health across the globe.

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