MommyKidz: A Dear Solution To Pregnancy, Postpartum And Parenthood

Every year, over 3.5 million women and parents commence their journey into motherhood and parenthood. Bangladesh faces troubling figures in maternal health. With 196 mothers out of every 100,000 live births, the situation is concerning. In addition, there is an alarming infant mortality rate of 21.556 deaths per 1,000 live births.

This highlights a significant void in providing essential information and support for expectant mothers and parents. They lack adequate knowledge to monitor their pregnancy and child growth, compounding preventable maternal and child mortality rates in Bangladesh. Additionally, women encounter difficulty finding non-judgmental spaces to express their feelings. Over 39% of them experience postpartum depression and related mental health concerns. However, they lack a suitable platform for sharing their experiences. 

Equally, parents grapple with overwhelming advice, leading to confusion and exhaustion. Those raising children with special needs face added burdens, including isolation and lack of societal and family support. To address these issues urgently, MommyKidz came upfront with comprehensive support systems and awareness to safeguard the well-being of mothers, parents, and their children. 


MommyKidz, founded by Nishat Anjum Palka and Shakor Ahmed, is a pioneering venture. It’s designed as a comprehensive support system for mothers and parents navigating pregnancy and child-rearing. The platform, more than just an app, understands the struggles during this phase. It’s a holistic community and a supportive space for individuals.

Understanding the alarming statistics reflecting the challenges faced in Bangladesh and resonating globally, MommyKidz serves as an essential resource hub. The platform addresses the critical lack of reliable information, emotional support, and guidance for expectant mothers and parents. It’s a revolutionary blend of innovative technology and empathetic design that offers access to a vast repository of educational content, a nurturing community, and critical tools for monitoring pregnancy, childbirth, and child development.

This initiative isn’t just a business venture; it’s a passion project. It’s driven by a heartfelt need to ease the journey for parents and reduce maternal and child mortality rates. MommyKidz has stepped up to bridge the gap, offering a safe and supportive space where parents can share, learn, and grow together. The ambition is to ensure a healthier and more informed parenthood experience for families worldwide, ultimately becoming a global pillar of support and empowerment.

Journey Of MommyKidz

The journey of MommyKidz has been a compelling saga driven by empathy and dedication. Founded by Nishat Anjum Palka and Shakor Ahmed, this initiative aimed to revolutionize the landscape of parenting support.

This endeavor began from a deeply personal space, rooted in the co-founders’ challenges and needs as they embarked on parenthood. It was born from their own experiences in the adventure of becoming parents.

Their experiences as expectant parents highlighted the alarming lack of accessible, accurate information, resources, and emotional support for mothers and parents. Thus, MommyKidz was born from a vision to consolidate all essential aspects of pregnancy and parenting within a user-friendly, cohesive platform.


The journey commenced with extensive research and genuine conversations with prospective users, refining their offerings based on the real needs and challenges faced. The aim was to create a nurturing, comprehensive space. This space offers educational content and fosters a supportive community. It also provides tools to monitor critical phases of pregnancy and child development.

Driven by the passion to save lives, ease the challenges faced by parents, and lessen the alarming maternal and child mortality rates, MommyKidz emerged as a holistic, technology-based yet heart-centered project. It’s a journey that continues to evolve, aiming to become a global beacon of solace, support, and knowledge for parents navigating the beautiful yet complex adventure of raising children.


The operational process of MommyKidz aligns with its core mission: providing accessible, supportive, and educational resources to expecting and new parents. The platform has been meticulously designed to address the multifaceted needs of its user base.

It all begins with a user-centric approach, understanding the evolving needs of parents. Extensive market research has allowed the platform to continuously refine its offerings. The content creation process involves a team of experts curating educational articles, guidance, and tools necessary for monitoring the crucial stages of pregnancy and child development.


The technological backbone of MommyKidz supports its diverse features, from the self-care tools for mothers to the detailed baby growth monitoring. This technological innovation comprises a fetal monitor, health profiles, ovulation trackers, and period reminders. These tools are specifically designed to assist parents through the early years of child-rearing.

As part of their operations, currently MommyKidz is connected to 40,000 families. They also have a health team that responds to nearly 500 user questions per day and till, they have responded to over 146,000 health queries. Also, they have a huge knowledge base library that help women’s to get knowledge about their sexual and reproductive health and child care.

MommyKidz Services

MommyKidz extends a compassionate hand to parents and expectant mothers. It offers a wealth of heartfelt services to guide them through pregnancy and early parenting.

At the core of the MommyKidz app, holding over 2,000 educational pieces. Each provides vital information, creating a warm embrace. This platform is a haven, where questions can be whispered anonymously and swiftly answered by dedicated healthcare professionals for just $1.

The vision is simple: helping parents navigate their most precious journey. MommyKidz stands as a gentle guide, a digital friend ready to hold your hand throughout every thrilling and overwhelming moment of parenthood.


Future Plan

MommyKidz has an ambitious vision for its future, geared toward expanding its reach and enhancing its services to make a significant global impact on the journey of parenting and motherhood.

Short-term goals include enriching the platform with more educational content. It involves developing parenting courses and introducing specialized guidelines for parents with special needs children. This short-term objective focuses on refining and expanding the platform’s current suite of services to address the dynamic needs of its users.

Looking ahead, MommyKidz is eager to extend its reach on a global scale. Over the next five years, the platform aspires to be available in at least ten countries. The expansion involves introducing AI-driven features for immediate assistance in mother and baby emergency response situations. The platform is dedicated to strategic growth, aiming to foster a global village. This ensures comprehensive support for maternal and child health worldwide.

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