Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi TV Channels In 2023

Most Popular Bangladeshi TV Channels

There was a time when TV was an expensive medium, and especially in rural areas, only a limited number of people had TV sets. Before the legalization of the Television Receive Sole Dish (TVRO) in 1992, BTV was the only television station in Bangladesh. Then after 1992, it became viable for urban elites and the wealthy to get access to other channels. As a result, private TV channels started to break the monopoly BTV had. Currently, there are 34 Bangladeshi TV channels that are broadcasting. Most of these channels broadcast news, entertainment, education, motivational, and religious programs. Today we will discuss the most popular Bangladeshi TV channels.

Most Popular Bangladeshi TV Channels

These TV stations are airing such a wide variety of programs that it has unquestionably developed into a great medium for enjoyment as well as a reliable source of national and worldwide news. are some of the most popular Bangladeshi TV channels. 

List Of Top 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi TV Channels

  • Channel I
  • ATN Bangla
  • NTV
  • Independent TV
  • Somoy TV
  • Gazi TV (GTV)
  • Ekushey TV (ETV)
  • RTV
  • Bangla Vision
  • Massranga TV

1. Channel I

Channel I started its journey on October 1, 1999. This privately owned television network is owned by Impress Group, and MD Faridur Reza Sagor is the chairman of the channel. Their motto is “Hridoye Bangladesh,” which means ‘Bangladesh in Heart’. 75% of people in Bangladesh depend on agriculture for their livelihood. And one of the most popular shows on Channel I is “Hridoye Mati O Manush”, which is a great platform for farmers to raise their voices.

It also broadcasts its programs in different areas, such as South Asia as well as North America. Channel I also started the first-ever individual agriculture bulletin in Bangladesh. They also have a talk show called Tritio Mattra, which could be considered a mini parliament. Politicians from both the government and opposition parties participate in political discourse at Tritio Mattra. This has helped Bangladesh develop a culture of democratic accountability.

2. ATN Bangla

Founded in 1997, ATN Bangla is owned by a Multimedia Production Company. Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman is the chairman and Managing Director of the channel. The slogan of the TV network is ‘Obiram Banglar Mukh’, which roughly translates to ‘the enduring face of Bangla’. ATN Bangla is the first satellite-based TV channel in Bangladesh. The network is transmitted in South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Moreover, ATN Bangla offers a wide variety of programming, including news, movies, dramas, talk shows, and more. In 2004, Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman made Bangladesh known to the rest of the world by winning an EMMY award for his children’s program called “Amrao Pari” produced by ATN Bangla. The broadcast network received the prestigious award from the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and UNICEF.

3. NTV

On July 3, 2003, Alhaj Mohammad Mosaddek Ali established the country’s first automation-based private satellite television channel, International Television Channel Ltd (NTV). “Shomoyer Sathe Agamir Pothe” is their motto. NTV received the ISO 9001:2008 certificate as the first TV channel in Bangladesh in September 2011. The channel is broadcast all over the world, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East.

Apart from news, NTV has also been broadcasting current affairs, talk shows, documentaries, sports news, business and trade shows, and science and technology programs. On occasions such as Eid festival, Independence Day, and Victory Day, NTV broadcasts special programs for its audience. The most sensational reality show in the history of Bangladesh, Close-up One, was broadcasted on NTV. Also, Marks Allrounder, Superhero Superheroine, Hasho, and gained wide popularity. NTV was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate as the first TV channel in Bangladesh in September 2011.

4. Independent TV

Independent Television was launched in 2010, and Beximco is the owner of this news-based TV channel. Salman F Rahman is the chairman of this private tv channel. It broadcasts various kinds of news, for example, entertainment news, sports news, and international news, alongside country news. One of their most popular shows is ‘Taalash,’ and the purpose of this program is to highlight and make aware of various crimes in society.

And they also air their very popular sports program Joto Khela and documentary content as well. This channel also uses Bangabandhu 1 satellite for broadcasting its programs.

5. Somoy TV

Somoy Television started its journey in 2011. It is owned by Somoy Media Limited. Mr. Fazlur Rahman is the chairman of this tv channel. There are nine Bureau offices, including those in all the divisional cities. And there are more than 56 district reporters who have access to cutting-edge technologies to deliver news and video material immediately outside of Dhaka. Since Somoy Television is solely a news-based channel, it gives maximum priority to news and news content.

This channel is broadcasted throughout North America, some countries in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and some countries in Asia. ‘Shompadokiyo’, ‘Somoy Songlap’, and ‘Somoy TV Bulletin’ are some of their most popular and most watched shows on their channel. 

6. Gazi TV (GTV)

Owned by Gazi Satellite Television Limited, Gazi TV started its journey on 2012. Golam Dosotogir Gazi is the owner of Gazi TV and also the director of the Gazi group. This TV channel is popular for being a sports channel. Gazi Television broadcasts many TV shows such as dramas, movies, sports, talk shows, news, and more. The most popular TV show on this channel is sports, particularly cricket. Moreover, Gazi TV bought television broadcasting right from BCB.

Thus, GTV is the official broadcaster of the Bangladesh cricket board and the Bangladesh premier league. Gazi Television not only telecasts live cricket. They are also live telecast football, APL, IPL, BPL, and many other premier leagues officially. 

7. Ekushey Television(ETV)

Ekushey Television was the first private channel to begin transmission in 2000. However, between 2002 to 2005, this channel was closed due to some problems. Then on 2005, they started the journey again. Md. Saiful Alam is the chairman of Ekushey Television. For more than 20 years, it has broadcasted a variety of shows, including talk shows, children’s news, drama, exploring culture, educational documentaries, and more.

Ekusher Dupure, kenakata, quiz show shobdo jabdo, and Ekatturer Ei Diney are some of the prominent shows on Ekushey Television. Muktokhabor was their famous children’s program on this channel. Additionally, Ekushey broadcasts internationally, including through satellite in the United Kingdom for the Bangladeshi citizens who reside there, as well as in a number of other areas like the rest of Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Indian state of West Bengal.

8. RTV

Established in 2005, RTV is owned by Bangla Television Corporation Ltd. Syed Ashik Rahman is the CEO of this TV channel. The watchword of this channel is “Aaj ebong Agamir” which stands for “Today’s and Tomorrow’s”. This channel telecasts a variety number of shows, dramas, and news. Their headquarter is in BSEC BHABAN, Karwan Bazar. RTV also has its own video-on-demand service called RTV Plus.

Rtv Plus is the center of entertainment content where users can enjoy non-stop streaming of Bangla material, including Live TV, Bangla movies, music videos, dramas, web series, soap operas, kid’s shows, comedy, documentaries, and more. Moreover, Rtv has received recognition for its contribution to the growth and protection of individuals with autistic characteristics.

9. Bangla Vision

Bangle vision TV channel began its journey on 31 March 2016. Shamol Bangla Media Ltd is the owner of this television channel. Abdul Haque is the chairman, and Mohammad Aminul Haque is the managing director. Other than news, the channel broadcasts many other TV shows like movies, news, talk shows, and more. Bangla Vision channel is more famous for its drama shows and special programs on Eid. The famous shows on this channel are Sundorjer Kotha, Amer Ami, Rannaghor, Moner Kotha, etc.

They use ‘Apstar 7’ satellite for telecasting their TV shows. Its headquarter is located in Dhaka. They go with the “Drishti Jure Desh” slogan and aim to show the audience Bengali culture. 

10. Maasranga TV

Under the guidance of Mr. Anjan Chowdhury, Maasranga Television is one of the leading satellite television channels in Bangladesh. Maasranga is a member of Square Group, one of the most well-regarded conglomerates in the country. Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury is the chairman of this company, and It started its journey in 2011. With the slogan of “Rangati Elo Machranga,” they broadcast its programs in various parts of the world, like Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the USA.

They provide us with all sorts of entertainment content as well as facts-based news. They also air many Indian animated programs like Motu Patlu, Chacha Bhatija, Gattu Battu, and ViR: The Robot Boy. Moreover, in 2019, Maasranga, along with other Bangladeshi television channels, signed an agreement with UNICEF to air programming regarding children’s issues. Their headquarter is located at 2 Bir Uttam Ziaur Rahman Road, Banani. 

Final Say

Viewers can enjoy everything from weather reports to news, and any sort of entertainment programs through TV channels. Those are the most popular Bangladeshi TV channels. Hopefully, Bangladesh will keep up this improvement, and there will be many more successful TV channels yet to come. 

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